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If you are pursuing a career in Marketing, Australia is an excellent location for deepening your understanding of the topic through an international internship. One enormous benefit of participating in one of our Marketing internships in Australia instead of an internship in your home country is the potential to draw comparative conclusions. By experiencing a topic like Marketing in the context of multiple countries, you will better understand the differences in the industry relating to culture, geography, technology, etc.

In fact, one 2013 article by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and the Association for Data-driven Marketing and Advertising (ADMA) highlights the differences between marketing trends in North America and in Australia. Marketing differences include the following:

  • Australian marketers (98% in B2B marketing; 89% in B2C marketing) use content marketing more than North American marketers (91% in B2B marketing; 86% in B2C marketing). (Content marketing is defined on Wikipedia as “any marketing that involves the creation and sharing of media and publishing content in order to acquire and retain customers.”)
  • Australians in B2C marketing more frequently use mobile applications, mobile content, and print magazines/newsletters than Australian B2B marketers.
  • Australians in B2B marketing more frequently use case studies, white papers, webinars/webcasts, and research reports than Australian B2C marketers.
  • For distributing content, Australian B2C marketers most commonly use Facebook (85% of marketers), while Australian B2B marketers most commonly use LinkedIn (76% of marketers).
  • Australian marketers (21%) tend to state “Producing the kind of content that engages” as their biggest challenge. Additionally, “Lack of buy-in/vision” is considered a bigger challenge for Australian marketers (13% say it is the biggest challenge) than for North American marketers (8% say it is the biggest challenge).

To read more about these and other findings relating to Australian marketing trends, you can view the original report by CMI and ADMA.

marketing internships in australia

As this 2013 report demonstrates, marketing trends should not only be examined year-to-year in-country, but should also be analyzed in comparison to the marketing trends in other countries. By performing an international comparison like the one in this report, one can better understand the challenges and advancements of the Marketing industry in a given country.

Possessing an understanding of Marketing within an international context is extremely valuable as you seek to jumpstart your career in Marketing. The Intern Group provides a wide variety of Marketing internships in Australia in roles from traditional, corporate marketing, to online-focused social media. If you are seeking to gain practical Marketing experience while experiencing cultural immersion in a beautiful country like Australia, I would encourage you to apply now for one of our marketing internships in Australia.

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