Marketing internships in Dublin

The charming, green city of Dublin will sweep an intern abroad off their feet. The Irish capital has loads to offer a young professional looking for adventure and a challenge. Marketing internships in Dublin will prepare ambitious young professionals for a successful career in this competitive field. The experience will also quench their wanderlust, as interns get to explore Ireland and witness the country’s striking natural beauty.

Dublin is a safe and youthful international city, ideal for international interns. With a diverse economy and a competitive workforce, the city is a great place for marketing and PR interns looking to develop professional skills and gain international work experience. Interns will meet fellow aspiring professionals from all over the world and make vital professional contacts. With real-world marketing and PR experience interns will boost their resume, making finding a job easier once they head back home. At the same time interns will return home a different person after having embraced the Irish culture.


Living abroad in Dublin

Marketing and PR interns abroad in Dublin will fall in love with the beautiful city, which encourages locals to go outdoors. For one, there’s always a beautiful park nearby to enjoy a sunny afternoon. In fact, Dublin boasts more green areas, per square kilometer, than any other European capital. Dublin’s cycling infrastructure is also notable, for interns who like to get around by bike. The city also has a safe and reliable public transportation system which interns will find easy to navigate. In terms of living arrangements, PR and marketing interns will live with other interns on the program in a pleasant area of Dublin. They’ll have easy access to public transport so that they can commute to their internship. English is used in professional settings, and is spoken by the majority of citizens, so interns shouldn’t have any difficulty communicating with the locals.


Marketing internships in Dublin


Embracing Ireland’s culture & traditions

The Irish are particularly well known for their literary contributions to the world, especially considering the country’s small population. Legendary Irish authors include Samuel Beckett, George Bernard Shaw, James Joyce, C. S. Lewis, William Butler Yeats and Oscar Wilde. Interns of the literary persuasion can enjoy discovering Dublin’s role in classic works at The Dublin Writer’s Museum.


Ireland is known around the world for its unique and rich cultural traditions, particularly myths, folklore and legends. The leprechaun is perhaps the most well-known character coming from Gaelic traditions. However interns in Dublin will learn that there’s much more to Irish culture than the fool, clover and St. Patrick’s Day. After a visit to the National Folklore Collection, interns will see just how many different myths have been passed down for centuries.


Marketing internships in Dublin



Discovering Dublin’s history

In addition to their marketing internship in Dublin, interns will also be able to sink their teeth into the rich regional history around the city. Dublin has had many different inhabitants across the centuries, starting all the way back in 140 AD. Both the Vikings and the Scandinavians had settled the area and then came the Norman invasion. During English rule, Dublin’s development was influenced by the Georgian period and the city was at one time the British Empire’s second largest! Dublin’s cultural influences have been captured by its many historical structures including the Dublin Castle (1204), the Christ Church Cathedral (1030) and St Patrick’s Cathedral (1191).


Traveling Ireland

Few things can top a journey through Ireland’s captivating countryside. International marketing interns will be close to many picturesque spots, being based in Dublin. A few of the country’s most unforgettable natural treasures include the Ring of Kerry, the Cliffs of Moher, and Killarney National Park. They can’t be missed.



Now that you know everything there is to know about marketing internships in Dublin, apply now to boost your career!





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