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Looking for international experience in the world of marketing? The expansive and modern, yet comfortably relaxed and historically rich city of Madrid is a prime location for just that. As Spain’s political and commercial capital, Madrid is a prime European city for gaining marketing and business experiencing in a world-class company or non-profit organization. Marketing departments are integral to all industries and types of companies. As a result, internships available in this field are broad and diverse. Depending on your interests and experience, you may be placed with a large marketing firm, in the communications department at a non-profit, or with any of a wide variety of other placement options. An internship in Madrid will afford you a broad base for learning, getting your hands dirty, and forming connections that will prove advantageous long after you return home (if you don’t decide to stay in Madrid for good, that is!).

As a foreigner moving to Madrid, you can expect to easily find the creature comforts of home, while also being able to immerse oneself in the high quality of Spanish life. Home to 3.3 million people in the city proper and another 3 million in the surrounding metropolitan area, Madrid is the third largest city in the European Union. Thanks to Madrid’s size and history, it is notably influential politically, economically, and culturally. The city is truly a global city, and nearly one fifth of the city’s population have immigrated from outside of Spain. It is not hard to make friends with fellow expatriate and friendly Spanish alike.

Although Spain was hit especially hard by the recent economic downturn, Madrid has remained a thriving city and still is the best place to find a job in Spain. The prices of basic commodities, food, and going out in Madrid are considerably less than in other European capitals. Public transportation is easy to navigate and far-reaching, and the healthcare services in Madrid are some of the best in Europe. Combine these advantages with the laid-back culture of Spain and anyone can quickly settle into a fitting and exciting lifestyle in Madrid.

Madrid is by all means a modern and cutting-edge city, yet it’s cultural roots and history remain front-and-center. Spain, once ruled by Muslims, prevailed through a centuries-long religious war known as the Reconquista. In 854, the Muslim Al-Andalus, Muhaad I, in his fight against the Christian Reconquistas, built a fort in what stands as present-day Madrid. The settlement was named Mayrit, meaning water channel. In the medieval time period, Madrid was a poor and small city, but by 1561 things had turned around and it was crowned the official capital of Spain. Present-day Spain transitioned into democracy in 1975, and today Madrid is know as a vibrant city, bursting with both history and innovations. You will find historical sights throughout Madrid, with the grandest of them all being the Palacio Real, or the Royal Palace. Historical walking tours are offered by several companies in Madrid, and strolling through the city’s rambling streets is the perfect way to become acquainted with the passionate, riveting past of Spain.

Today, Madrid is bustling both day and night. The city holds dearly onto the Spanish philosophy of work hard and play harder. As an intern in Madrid, you quickly will learn about the culture’s relaxed way of getting things done. The work day rarely starts before 9AM in Spain, and it is normal to have a several-hour break for lunch, known as a siesta. As a result, the work-day can run late, often not finishing until 7 or 8 in the evening. When you’re not working, there are countless leisure activities to keep you busy. From football and flamenco dancing, to clubbing, eating out, and museum visits, the city will easily keep anyone and everyone entertained.

Another advantage to living in Madrid, which is strategically located in the middle of the Spanish peninsula, is that the city is the best jumping-off point for touring the entire country. When you’re not busy in the office or exploring your new barrio (district), you can catch a budget flight, bus, or train to any corner of the country. If you’re into hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities, Spain is ripe with mountains and woodlands begging to be explored. If you’re more interested in a beach getaway, then you won’t be disappointed, especially if you make a trip to any of the country’s Mediterranean islands.

The natural beauty of Spain and Madrid in particular will serve as inspiration to the marketing intern. As a cultural, fashion, and economical hub for Europe, Madrid is home to both large marketing firms and small boutique companies alike. The ambitious and hard-working intern will have no problems connecting with key industry players, expanding both your connections and resume while living in Madrid. The endless art galleries, fashion shows, museums, concerts, and theater of Madrid will keep the creative mind ticking. And the fast-paced business hub that Madrid is will offer many opportunities for learning further about marketing’s role in the greater economy and world of business.

By doing marketing internships in Madrid, you will be tasked with a wide variety of projects and duties. Your work may include market research, where you’ll show you skills by analyzing data, working with statistics, or brainstorming marketing strategies. Or you may work in the area of client marketing, in which you’ll be assisting to carry out a pre-determined marketing campaign. A marketing internship in Madrid will not only expand your mind and your experience, but also prove to future employers that you are adaptable, open-minded, and independent.

Madrid is hard to beat when it comes to a location that will help a young professional grow and learn both inside and outside of the office. Take from the endless inspiration that is Madrid and larger-Spain, and your experience as a marketing intern will be unmatched. By remaining curious and open-minded, your natural creativity and business sense will be challenged and developed while working in Madrid’s marketing sector. Soak in the native lifestyle and culture, work hard and learn lots, and you’ll position yourself well for a bright future in marketing.

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