Published on November 10, 2014

Media Internships in London

Media internships in London are competitive and can be hard to come by. This is because London is not only where all of the media in the UK is concentrated, but also a major international communications centre. This is where journalists want to be! London is home to the headquarters of many major television networks including the BBC, BSkyB, and CNN International. This London bias is also evident with both newspapers and radio stations making it the hub of communication in the UK. Where better to kick-start your career in media by finding a top internship in London?


Major television networks such as the BBC, BSkyB, CNN International, ITV, Channel 4, and Five have located their main production centers in London. This city is home to the best and brightest in television, making it the perfect environment for you to learn about the industry during an internship. As to be expected, the world of television can be very hard to break into, and just like with most sectors, employers want applicants with experience. Therefore, finding an internship in media in London will really set you up for the future, no matter what area of television you choose to work in. Doing internships in broadcasting in different size companies, different countries, and different areas of television will turn you into an experienced, well-rounded candidate.


Similar to television, London is home to the biggest UK radio stations including Absolute Radio and many BBC radio stations. Radio contrasts with television in that it often functions on a local basis as well as nationally. London is the ideal city to work in if you are looking for an internship in radio because many of the best and most famous radio DJs and producers work in London based radio stations. Furthermore, because radio stations are more specialized and lean towards certain genres of music or current affairs you’ll be able to find an internship in something you are truly interested in. Genuine interest goes a long way in getting an internship and impressing your bosses once you have started - so find a station with something you’re interested in!


Interning at a newspaper in London will give you the perfect insight into this fast-paced, high-pressure industry. All of the national newspapers are edited in London as well as the two city-wide daily newspapers: the Evening Standard and the Metro. Journalism is one of the most difficult professions to break into, but the most important thing to do is to keep writing. Most universities have multiple newspapers and magazines you can get involved in, and you can even blog online. If you can present a comprehensive portfolio of work and demonstrate your skills, employers will be sure of your passion and ability.

Technology and the Media

Now is a very interesting time to work in the media. With falling newspaper sales and live viewing figures, and growing online readerships and anytime viewers, the industry is changing., This can be seen with the growth of online newspapers such as The Huffington Post. The media is constantly on the forefront of technological advancements, searching for new ways to connect with the public. Staying up to date with social media and new movements in communications will help you to become a valuable intern.

Being able to learn about this industry in a different city will give you an edge. Not only will you gain professional experience, but you will learn new techniques and approaches that will make you stand out in your home country.


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