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Mental Health Resources for International Interns

Going abroad is one of the most exciting experiences a young professional can have. You’ll be traveling, exploring, and pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone. Interning abroad is exciting, but it can also be challenging at times. When you’re abroad it’s important to take care of yourself, and to be aware of the mental health resources available to you. As a participant of The Intern Group’s program, you’ll have access to the following mental health resources:

Trained Local Staff

Interns with The Intern Group have 24/7 access to the support of a local team on the ground.  They are there to help you with any questions you may have during your time interning abroad. From providing you with recommendations for weekend travel, to just being there for you when you’re dealing with homesickness, our local teams will never let you feel alone. Our teams are prepared to help our interns navigate mental health abroad. All of The Intern Group’s staff have received Mental Health First Aid training.


mental health resources


TalkSpace App

TalkSpace is completely anonymous online support from a licensed therapist.  Being away from home and from your usual support network can be stressful. TalkSpace allows you to access therapy from anywhere in the world. TalkSpace has over 2,000 licensed therapists, and offers the same privacy that an in-person consult would. Interns can access TalkSpace from any device, including smartphones, tablets and laptops. Mental health resources are available at the touch of a button, as interns can message someone at any time, anywhere.


TalkSpace is a great resource for all international interns. Not just with those who have mental health conditions, but for those with homesickness, culture shock, or those who just want to talk to someone about their experience abroad. Here at The Intern Group, TalkSpace is a resource available to everyone in our organization, from interns and members of the Admissions team to country Directors and our CEO.


mental health resources

Materials and Trainings online

When it comes to interning abroad, there are many things that will be new and different in your host country. From a new language and culture to new housemates and schedules, there’s a lot to adapt to. When it comes to preparation, there are many steps you can take before arriving in your destination. We make it a little easier for you by sending you resources about life in the country where you’ll be interning via email before you start your journey. All accepted and confirmed interns will also do an online intercultural competency training, to help you learn about workplace differences. Make sure you are aware of the mental health resources available to you there, and read a little bit about culture shock on our blog.


Program Participant Groups on Social Media

Before arriving, you’ll have the opportunity to begin forming a support network on the ground, through Facebook groups set up for international interns in each destination. The groups are run by the program Experience Coordinators, which gives you a chance to get to know them before you arrive. Similarly, this will also be a great opportunity for you to get to know the other interns that will be abroad the same time as you.


Regardless of where in the world you are, your mental health is a top priority. Reach out to your team to ask questions, so that you have the right expectations of your international experience. Many interns and international students set up communication plans with their friends and families back home. Scheduling specific times to video chat or speak on the phone with your loved ones can help you to feel more connected, and is a great way to ensure you make time for them when you’re busy interning and exploring.


Now that you know about the mental health resources available abroad, apply now to do an international internship.




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Photos and blog by Maeve Allsup

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