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My internship in Colombia: settling in

The time was 10 P.M. and I had just stepped off the plane. After grabbing my bags and getting my paperwork checked, I walked towards the front exit to look for my driver. On the outside I was a confident young man, while on the inside I didn’t have the slightest idea about what the next few weeks had in store for me. When I finally arrived at my location, I found a note on the table that explained where my room was. As I walked into my room I noticed a welcome bag on my bed with a variety of helpful documents and snacks. This was the beginning of my internship in Colombia.


internship in colombia
This is a giant ball pit in the middle of Santa Fe mall!!


The next morning I woke up, laid in my bed and I was still in disbelief. I couldn’t believe I had been blessed with this amazing opportunity. It was my first time out of the country without family alongside me. After taking some time to really appreciate the moment, I messaged a friend of mine that I had met on the plane journey. I asked him what was the best way to get to know the city. He informed me about the Metro (city train) and the Metrocable (cable cars) and provided me with instructions as to how to use them.

When I left the apartment I asked the security guard for the nearest Metro station and he pointed in the correct direction. I was ready to get lost in the city. While on the Metro, as I was about to put in my headphones and zone out, I suddenly decided not to because of the lively conversations that surrounded me. Words like bacano and laughter quickly filled my ears. It was a truly beautiful sight to behold. The energy and pride of the people around me made me feel like I would miss out on the city’s authenticity by putting my headphones in.

I rode the Metrocable to get home and was astonished by the city that was before me. In the center of beautiful mountains lies the city of Medellin. During this journey home, I saw a park full of chubby statues and a great deal of people congregating to enjoy the night. I quickly got off and decided to join in. I spoke to several locals as they all took pictures next to the Botero statues in Plaza Botero.


internship in Colombia


On my way home I got lost and was walking around for about an hour. I didn’t mind at all, though, because I learned a great deal about the city and was able to find a taxi before the drizzle turned into a heavy downpour. My first few days were as fun as they were hectic and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way!


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Photos and blog by Jose Pardo

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