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It’s the half way point of my internship in England, and to say I’ve experienced all aspects of London would be an understatement. From the constantly changing weather to discovered hidden places in small alleyways to cabby drivers with no sense of direction, these weeks have given me even more insight to the wonders of this city.


My adventures here in London continued with a beautiful, and surprisingly informative River Thames Boat Cruise. It was such a great day. We saw all of the major sights such as Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Shakespeare’s Globe and the London Eye and so many different styles of bridges around the area. This sightseeing alone confirmed my thoughts on the pride that London has about its rich history and its ability to embrace the new culture of the modern world and the ancient Roman city.

internship in England

Over the last few weeks of my internship at a non-governmental organization, I was able to really appreciate how informed and knowledgeable the institution was about current political and social issues in the Middle East. They work so hard to be a trusted and unbiased source of information for anyone reading their analysis on topics. This is something difficult to find in the world today and I’m so lucky to be able to intern at such a place.

After my productive days at work, I try to explore and see the numerous places in London, such as the very well known areas of Covent Garden, Oxford Circus and Piccadilly Circus. And even though they are considered to be some of the most “touristy” areas of the city, I was still able to find small hidden areas that still had their unique charm. A couple of my favorites include the beautiful posters at the Tube stations of Holborn and Charing Cross and a small and lively hidden food court in an alleyway near Liberty and Kingly Court. Another one of my favorite places to go with some of the amazing friends I’ve made during this trip so far, is Gordon’s Wine Bar. It has an amazing history and a huge variety of beverages and it’s set in the most amazing cave-like setting. The best thing is that not many tourists know that it’s there!

internship in England

The Intern Group has also given me the opportunity to see the Broadway show Aladdin and it was such an incredible cast and performance! It truly has been a highlight of my trip so far. The diversity of this city from a culinary aspect has also been superb – from an amazing authentic Moroccan restaurant to my all time favorite Greek restaurant that I have repeatedly gone back to for their incredible food! Although home has the same sense of multiculturalism, the variety of food options here was a pleasant surprise. Overall, I’ve truly enjoyed my trip so far, and I’m trying to enjoy every moment before I have to head back home.


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All photos by Véronique Lahaie Luna.


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Véronique Lahaie Luna

Véronique is one of the 2016 TIG scholarship recipients. She is currently going into her third year of studies for her Honours BSocSc in International Development and Globalization at the University of Ottawa in Canada. She has volunteered with the United Nations Association in Canada and published with UNAC, where her work was presented at COP 21 in Paris in December 2015 and has worked extensively within her community over the years through the notable local non-profit organization Orkidstra as a music mentor, the Operations Officer in a student-run grassroot local social enterprise REVEER. and many others. Her Venezuelan and Canadian ethnic background has fostered her interest in international development, international relations and international security and she hopes to pursue her studies within these fields since she believes that understanding the correlations and similarities of each of these fields may be the first step in finding a solution to global insecurity. She speaks English, French and Spanish.
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