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Engineering Internships in Colombia

March 20, 2015

Jump start your career in engineering while exploring one of Latin America’s most innovative and evolving cities with an engineering internship in Colombia. Interns will get to know the colorful…

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Top 10 travel apps for your internship abroad

March 19, 2015

Stressed about the prospect of traveling and living in an unknown city halfway across the world? No worries! Like with most things, there’s an app for that. Technology has made…

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Journalism and Media Internships in Australia

March 18, 2015

Learn what it’s like to live down under while boosting your career with a journalism and media internships in Australia. In Melbourne, a journalism intern will get that vital real-world…

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How does the placement process work?

March 13, 2015

So you had an interview with The Intern Group two days ago, and you are unsure about how it went. You answered a couple of nerve-racking questions about your work…

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Entrepreneurship Internships in Madrid

March 13, 2015

Take advantage of Madrid’s exciting start-up community with an international internship in entrepreneurship. The diverse Spanish city is overflowing with professional and cultural opportunities for interns looking for real-world experience.…

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The 8 stages of interning abroad (individual results may vary)

March 12, 2015

Why do an internship abroad? Because you get to experience things you’ve never felt before! 1. Denial When you decide you want to intern abroad, it doesn’t quite register that…

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HR Internships in Hong Kong

March 11, 2015

Influenced by Buddhist and capitalist sensibilities, Hong Kong offers peace, prosperity and professional experience for interns looking to boost their career while living in a diverse, multicultural city. An HR…

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NGO Internships in Madrid

March 6, 2015

Looking to change the world while exploring a new culture in a dynamic, vibrant European city? An NGO internship in Madrid is a fantastic opportunity for anyone looking for real-world…

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8 things you’ll say after your internship abroad

March 4, 2015

How will I feel after my internship abroad? You will be thinking… 1. “Where will I go next?” International travel is addictive. After being exposed to a brand new world…

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Architecture Internships in Hong Kong

March 3, 2015

Known for sprouting the world’s greatest skyline, could there a better place than Hong Kong for an architecture internship abroad? The diverse, kinetic city has been influenced by several architectural…

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Film, TV and Music Internships in Colombia

February 27, 2015

With rich musical traditions, large national television stations and a growing film scene, Colombia offers exciting opportunities for a film, TV and music intern abroad. Get to know Colombia’s rich…

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7 must-have qualities of an intern abroad (Do you have what it takes?)

February 25, 2015

Think you have what it takes to handle an entrepreneurship internship in Hong Kong or a journalism internship in Madrid? Living and working in a new country is the experience…

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