7 photos to hide from your Facebook feed once you’ve graduated college

In the age of social media, potential employers have more access to your personal information and photos than ever. That’s why it’s important after graduating college to go through four years of accumulated Facebook photos and make private or completely delete pictures that may cost you a job opportunity. The following 7 photos are ones that you should delete from Facebook as soon as possible.


1. Overly political posts and pics

Make private or delete photos that indicate a strong political stance, particularly on a controversial topic. Even though you shouldn’t be judged for your political beliefs, it’s better to play it safe and avoid offending a potential boss.


2. The over-exposed shot

Beware of baring too much on your Facebook feed. Showing excessive skin is fine if the photo is private, but if anyone can see the post it may draw the wrong kind of attention to your Facebook. Plus a hiring manager might perceive a barely clothed photo as you having bad judgment.


3. Excess vanity shots

A cute selfie never hurt anyone, but an excessive amount of selfies, particularly “sexy” shots, may send the wrong message to a potential employer. Either hide or delete the photos and start using your Instagram account (on private) for your selfie shoots.


4. Photos with obscene gestures (even if it’s a joke)

Maybe you and your friends look like complete badasses flicking off the camera in unison, but a hiring manager is going to see things differently. Delete that sassy snap before it keeps you from being taken seriously.


delete from Facebook


5. Drunken photos

Photos with alcohol are probably not the best thing to have on your profile, depending on what career field you’re in. However, any photos that show heavy drinking and crazy partying should be completely removed from your page. Relive those memories by reviewing the photos on your computer – no need for them to be up for the world to see.


6. Shots in sketchy locales

Remove any photos taken at seedy locations, like a strip club or any local joint with a bad reputation. These kinds of photos reflect poor judgment and character.


7. Any picture of something that you wouldn’t want to be asked about in a job interview

Assume that the person you interview with for a job has looked thoroughly through your Facebook profile. If there’s something that you hope they didn’t see, it probably should be deleted or “private” on your page. It’s worth your time to do a thorough scan of Photos, Tagged Photos, Profile Pictures and Posts.


delete from Facebook


But it’s not all bad… the following Facebook pictures could actually help you get a job:

-Travel photos
-Photos of you involved in extra-curricular activities

-Graduation pics
-Pictures at an internship
-Photos of you winning an award
-Pics at a networking event


Delete those 7 snaps from Facebook and apply now to boost your career with an international internship!



Photo 1. by Elizabeth Trovall

Photo 2. based on Drinking Skills, by FunGi_ (Trading), CC-by-2.0

Photo 3. by Elizabeth Trovall


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