PR and Marketing internships in Chicago

Interning in PR and Marketing gives you the best of both worlds, as the career field is both lucrative and demands creativity and communication skills. Earning real-world professional experience in the competitive public relations sector is the best way to set yourself up for a successful career in the industry. PR and Marketing internships in Chicago offer bright international students the chance to work for top American firms in a marketing and public relations hub. Many top firms in PR and Marketing are based in Chicago, making it a strategic city for an internship and career development. Getting your foot in the door at one of the city’s firms will put you on the path to success. Not to mention, Chicago is one of the greatest cities on earth, and the third largest in the United States, making it diverse and competitive in many different aspects.


The Windy City is an ideal backdrop for a PR and Marketing internship abroad. From its world-class sports infrastructure, like United Center and Wrigley Field, to top-tier museums like the Art Institute of Chicago and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago is the kind of city that plays as hard as it works. Moreover, at your PR and Marketing internship in Chicago you’ll also have the opportunity to explore the city with other interns from all over the world, making life-long connections with young international professionals.


PR and Marketing internships in Chicago


Living in the Windy City

While in Chicago, interns will get a truly local experience while simultaneously feeling welcome and at home. The internship program not only handles the professional aspect of your experience, but also housing and support. Accommodation, all of your public transportation, advanced professional training, cultural and social events, and 24/7 local support are all included alongside leading PR and Marketing internships in Chicago. This multifaceted support system means you can use your energy to focus on getting the best professional experience possible – the rest is taken care of.


A friendly & international American city

Despite the chilly winters, the Midwest is home to friendly and warm people that know how to treat others. Just because it’s a big city, doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of big hearts and big smiles throughout town. Not only is Chicago an especially friendly city, but it’s also home to people from all over the world. Interns abroad will feel welcome and comfortable meeting professionals from different parts of the United States and the globe while exploring this fast-paced, multicultural metropolis.



PR and Marketing internships in Chicago

Sightseeing in Chi-Town

PR and Marketing interns in Chicago will have a multitude of ways to spend their weekends. Whether strolling through Navy Pier on a Saturday, picnicking in one of the city’s 552 parks or discovering one of Chicago’s fabulous museums, there’s so much to do in the windy city. Delve into city history at the Chicago History Museum, for example, or check out Hyde Park’s Museum of Science and Industry.


“… Chicago divided your heart. Leaving you loving the joint for keeps. Yet knowing it never can love you.”
― Nelson Algren, Chicago: City on the Make


Entertainment in Chicago

Chicago is world-famous for offering top-notch sports and entertainment. There’s so much to see and do, those doing PR and Marketing internships in Chicago will have a veritable buffet of options. Sports fans can watch any of the numerous Chicago teams play at the vast number of arenas and stadiums the city is home to. Delicious hole-in-the-wall diners with international cuisine can make for exciting dinnertime excursions, though the city also boasts plenty of five-star and Michelin-rated restaurants as well. The city also offers a rich live theater and music scene, so interns should keep their eyes out for whatever big performances are on the horizon. The Loop is a particularly lively part of town for going out with friends, famous for its unique night life and energy.


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1. based on Chicago Bean, by Sergey Gabdurakhmanov, CC-by-2.0

2. based on Blue Chicago, by Roman Boed, CC-by-2.0

3. based on Chicago, by Pedro Szekely, CC-by-SA 2.0


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