PR and Marketing Internships in Chile

Prepare yourself for a truly international experience with PR and Marketing internships in Chile. As one of the fastest growing economies in South America, Chile is perfect for anyone looking to gain professional experience. The capital, Santiago, is a large and multicultural city,  with a dynamic startup scene and diverse community of expats. Many multinational corporations base their Latin American headquarters in Chile, making it the ideal location for an international internship.


PR and Marketing internships in Chile present an amazing opportunity for young professionals looking to start a global career. Interning in the creative communications field gives a unique insight into the culture, policies and perspective of Latin America. Many PR and Marketing interns gain hands on experience in Chile’s most international industries, with startups, foreign companies and multinational corporations. Interns focus on critical skills including press releases and media relations, digital advertising and corporate marketing. As more and more countries including the United States and China begin to invest in Chilean industries, knowledge of the business culture and environment will give you a competitive edge.


PR and Marketing Internships in Chile

Life in Chile

Interns completing PR and Marketing internships in Chile will feel right at home in Santiago, surrounded by the Andes Mountains. Interns live in the city center, close to shops, restaurants and public transportation hubs. The metro and bus systems give easy access to all parts of the city and beyond. However, Santiago is also very bike friendly, with a large system of bike paths and parks. On Sundays, many roads are closed to cars, and fill instead with people either jogging, biking, or rollerblading.

Not only is Santiago the largest city in Chile, it is home to more than 40% of Chileans. Each of the city’s neighborhoods has a unique and interesting vibe. Residents enjoy a wealth of international food, music and culture across the city. Chilean culture is strong in the capital city, and is best witnessed on national holidays, when traditional Chilean dancing, music and food fills the streets and parks of Santiago.


PR and Marketing Internships in Chile



Explore Chile’s Treasures

Lonely Planet named Chile the top place to visit in 2018. From the world’s driest desert in the north to the glaciers of the south, Chile has something for everyone. Chile is the longest country in the world and Santiago is the perfect home base for visits to the top destinations. Head north to the Atacama desert to see vast sand dunes, salt flats and geysers. The desert is perfect for those interested in earth sciences, as it is the driest in the world and home to the planet’s largest astronomical telescope. Visitors to the Atacama can witness the famous desert bloom, as well as visit colonies of Humboldt penguins.

For the outdoor adventurer, Chile’s southern Patagonia region is the perfect destination.  Torres del Paine National Park is a backpacker’s dream, and is also full of wildlife. Chile is also famous for its volcanoes, and visitors can hike, climb and ski their way up and down steep slopes in places like Pucon.

If you enjoy adventure sports, Chile is the place for you. Rafting, mountain biking, surfing, horseback riding and mountaineering are all easily accessible in the south. However, remember to take a break to sample traditional Chilean food, including fresh seafood and steaming hot empanadas. Traditional Mapuche culture is strong in the south, so take advantage of the culinary options there.


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