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Living and working in a hip, eclectic city like Melbourne will give a real estate intern in Australia the opportunity to understand a competitive industry in a growing city. A real estate internship in Australia allows a young person to live an international adventure while also boosting their professional resume. Get to know Melbourne’s free-spirited locals and Australia’s diverse wildlife while prepping for a real estate career working alongside established professionals.





A real estate intern in Australia will be able to call the diverse, expanding city of Melbourne home. The city has a wide variety of boutiques, galleries, bookstores, hidden bars, hip restaurants and theatre that attract newcomers looking for housing in an exciting neighborhood. Previous real estate interns in Australia have worked at commercial, residential and real estate finance firms in Melbourne.



Interns doing their real estate internships in Australia live in 10-square-meter rooms with private showers and bathrooms in the secure Preston neighborhood in northern Melbourne. To stay connected with family and friends back home, apartment accommodations include internet, as well as utilities, a kitchen welcome pack, linens and widescreen TVs. Interns have easy access to Melbourne’s city center, with housing located close to public transportation.


The Aussie Cultural Capital

Melbourne is Australia’s second-largest city and known as the cultural capital of the country. Large immigrant communities have made the city quite multicultural. The largest population of people with Greek heritage outside Greece is in Melbourne, along with communities of Chinese, Italians, Vietnamese and Lebanese. The city is also quite hip, outdoorsy and fun-loving with an array of of shops, restaurants, cafes, venues, museums and zoos.




A real estate intern will be sure to learn about the city’s colorful bohemian sector Fitzroy, a hip neighborhood peppered with interesting shops, street art, galleries and more. Visitors to the area spend hours popping in and out of the stores, coffee shops and restaurants. Bruswick Street is a favorite of brunchers and drinkers, with an array of breakfast places and bars. The specialty bookshops like Brunswick Street Books and Polyester are a couple favorites among readers. Nostalgia-hunters like to check out the local vintage shops like Vintage Sole and Somebuddy Loves you.


Good Eats

Melbourne is known for serving up tasty dishes from all over the world (along with offering a stellar cup of coffee). Chinese, American BBQ, Mexican… you name it, you can find it in Melbourne. Chinatown unsurprisingly serves up some amazing Szechuan dishes, restaurants in Carlton’s ‘Little Italy’ offer the city’s choice Italian and the ever-cool neighborhood Fitzroy is a good place to try some Spanish plates. The entire city is filled with cafes, bars, restaurants, late-night dining and breakfast places with innovative and diverse menus, high-quality food and welcoming interiors. Other areas with especially good eating out spots include Acland Street in St. Kilda, Chapel Street in South Yarra, Victoria Street in Abbotsford, Southbank and Smith Street in Collinwood.


Natural life

Australia is known for its diverse animal and plant life and outdoorsy locals, making it the ideal place for interns who appreciate the great outdoors. In Melbourne, the city’s Ballarat Botanical Gardens, for example, offers 40 hectares of greenery divided into three sections featuring a Victorian style garden and sections of open parkland.


To familiarize themselves with local animal life, interns often visit the Healesville Sanctuary, which is both a zoo and aquarium. At the sanctuary visitors can play and interact with authentic Australian wildlife like Dingos to Bandicoots. The best way to see penguins, however, is a day trip to the nearby Phillip Island, which offers visitors the chance to see a beautiful penguin parade. The island also features a Koala Conservation Centre and the Nobbies rock formation, another two places to experience Australia’s wild.





Along with theatres, galleries and a diverse mix of pubs, bars and clubs, Melbourne also offers an eclectic music scene that covers many different genres. The city actually boasts the highest number of live music venues in Australia, showcasing artists from around the corner and around the world. Sweaty, coolly uncouth venues like Cherry or Ding Dong lounge are ideal for catching up-and-coming talent. Meanwhile, many country, roots and folk bands play at joints like Cornish Arms and Sydney Road.


Boost your career

Melbourne’s lively real estate industry is the prime place to kick-off a career. Understanding the industry in another country and culture will give a budding professional the upper hand while searching for that first job. Employers want experience, so why not get some while also expanding your worldview and exploring Australia’s rich diversity?

Apply now and boost your career!


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Photo 1. based on Melbourne, Australia by night by Hai Linh Truong, CC-by-2.0

Photo 2. based on Centre Place Arcade, Melbourne by Adam Selwood, CC-by-2.0

Photo 3. based on Melbourne walk by Alan Lam, CC-by-2.0


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