13 reasons to live abroad before 30

Youth is a precious resource that doesn’t last forever. Though it can be overwhelming to have your whole life ahead of you, it’s important to prioritize experiences that can only be done while you’re young. True, living abroad can happen at any age, but there’s a strong argument for doing it for the first time when you’re a young adult. So, ladies and gents, here are the 13 reasons to live abroad before 30:


1. Travel is easier on your body when you’re young

You able-bodied youth are strong and can totally handle whatever physical challenges come with going abroad. You’re able to hike across mountains and walk aimlessly for hours around cities. You can take long cross-country bus rides and spend days exploring. Your energy and flexibility will make living and traveling abroad that much easier and more enjoyable.


2. It’s easier to make international friends

It’s much more common for young people to live abroad, whether they are studying, completing an internship or teaching English. When you’re young, there are more international circles of friends to join up that are your age. Plus younger people tend to be more open and willing to make friends than people who are older.


reasons to live abroad


3. Fewer commitments

Younger people tend to have less commitments. They probably don’t have kids or a spouse. That makes it easier to leave your country for few months or a year.


4. Less financial responsibility

It’s harder to find the time and money to go abroad when you’re paying a mortgage or have high insurance premiums. Life is cheaper when you’re younger – use that chance to go live somewhere else abroad. There are many affordable places to live all around the world, in fabulous, international cities.


5. Living on the cheap is NBD

Younger people haven’t grown accustomed to certain comforts of adulthood. You’re flexible enough to stay in a humble hostel or split an Airbnb with friends. As you get older, it becomes harder to weather the challenges of traveling and living abroad on the cheap.


6. You’re healthy

As you get older and your body doesn’t work as well as it use to, it becomes harder to throw yourself into completely foreign experiences. You don’t have access to your normal doctor or pharmacy abroad and trying to diagnose a problem can become a big challenge when there’s a language difference.


reasons to live abroad


7. Future world travels will be easier

Once you live abroad, it doesn’t matter where you go, future international travels will be easier. Knowing how to live and travel in a country and culture outside your own is a lifelong skill and tool that can open up so many different doors to you.


8. You’ll gain an international perspective early on

Living abroad is a paradigm-shifting experience. Familiarizing yourself with the “normal” of another country is an exercise in getting outside your bubble and trying on a totally different perspective for size. The world will suddenly seem even more diverse and complex than before.


9. The experience will boost your career prospects

Early on in your career, making bold decisions like living and interning abroad can really impress a hiring manager. Especially if you’ve picked up some foreign language skills, your international experience will serve you well in your career – particularly in the long term.


10. It’s easier to learn another language when you’re young

The younger you are, the easier soaking up another language is. Your brain is receptive to new sounds, new grammar and vocabulary. And the benefits of learning another language are multifold – minimizing your chance of getting Alzheimers, making cultural connections, career development… the list goes on.


reasons to live abroad


11. Your parents are probably healthy

Leaving the country while your parents are sick can be emotionally difficult. The younger you are, the less likely your parents are suffering from health issues. Take advantage of that freedom.


12. You’re resilient

People don’t live abroad because it’s easy – they go for the adventure and the learning experience. Weathering the hardships of going abroad is easier when you’re younger and can bounce back more easily.


13. You’ll have an international experience under your belt early in life

Living abroad gives you a sense of accomplishment and pride. It’s an extra spring in your step as you go out into the world.


Now that you know 13 reasons to live abroad, learn more about how you can do so with an international internship.


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