Reasons parents should encourage their kid to live (and intern) abroad

There’s no need to be afraid of your children going abroad!

It builds character

Living abroad brings about many struggles and challenges that an intern abroad just has to overcome on their own. The experience of moving to a foreign country alone is quite humbling and allows a young person to make many personal discoveries. Experience abroad also leads a young person to a more open mindset.


children going abroad


Improves cultural awareness and sensitivity

The exposure to new cultures and new ways of life that come with living abroad will open a young person’s mind, making them more culturally aware. Experiencing those cultural differences and learning how to manage them, even when they may produce discomfort, will prepare your child for multicultural work environments.



You know better than your child does that resumes matter to employers. The Intern Group program is dedicated to professional development and providing real-world professional experience for young people embarking on their career. International work experience stands out on a resume and will make your child even more attractive to prospective employers.


children going abroad


It expands their social and professional network

The international community of world travelers is a good group to be part of. The people you meet abroad tend to be more adventurous, open-minded and culturally sensitive. They will serve as excellent personal and professional contacts for your kid.


Encourages independence and self-sufficiency

Being without the comfort and family and friends in a foreign country is a huge step for a young person. Living independently of that support in a structured environment abroad will nudge your child towards self-sufficiency. They will learn to be self-reliant and will value own their achievements even more.


children going abroad


They will be living abroad in a structured environment

The Intern Group program provides structure to the living and working abroad experience. The company will find a suitable internship for your child, provide housing and logistical support and even plans social events and trips so they never feel alone.


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