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Scholarship Series: 7 of my favorite things to do in Colombia

things to do in Colombia

Global Leadership Grant winner Lorena Reis spent her summer interning abroad in Colombia after receiving one of The Intern Group’s scholarships. Here are her favorite highlights and recommended things to do in Colombia.

1. My internship

Of course, one of my favorite things to do in Colombia was my internship. It has not only provided professional, international experience, but has allowed me to travel all over the city. For instance, while at my internship, we went to a children’s home in the mountains. The journey was a forty minute motorcycle ride of beautiful views. At the house, doing activities with the children, I saw how much of a blessing it was to be with my company.

2. A day trip to Guatapé

Guatapé is a town famous for its massive rock Piedra El Peñol. We climbed the 700 steps to the top for a breath-taking view of the colonial town below. Afterward, we ate one of the best bandeja paisa plates I had in Colombia and walked around the colorful town of Guatapé. It was such a fun day exploring a new town with The Intern Group, and an absolute must in Colombia.

3. Escape room

Around my second week, The Intern Group planned a visit to an Escape Room. A highly interactive game, a group of people are locked into a themed room and have one hour to find the key and escape. In addition, the group must solve riddles and unlock boxes. Because we were split into two groups, it was a great time to bond with the other interns and quench your competitive spirit. With about ten minutes to spare, my team got out, beating the other team!

Things to do in Colombia

4. Pueblito Paisa

With my friends from The Intern Group, we went to a little village called Pueblito Paisa.  It is located on a hill, or cerro, that has an amazing view of the old colonial town below. While there, we also explored an artisan market selling a variety of goods. Everything about it felt traditional. No tradition, however, could be complete without the excitement of the Medellin Nacional soccer fans who were playing that afternoon outside the market.


5. Salsa class

The salsa/reggaetón classes that The Intern Group offered were one of my favorite weekday events. Every two weeks, an instructor came in and taught us salsa and reggaetón moves. It was a great environment to let loose and relax from the work day, so I loved seeing everyone from The Intern Group there. After all, dance and fun are staples of the culture. It was definitely a great thing to do while in Latin America, where reggaetón and salsa are extremely popular.


6. Soccer game

During my third week, we went to a Medellín Nacional soccer match that was against a Chilean club. The experience was incredible. Seeing how rowdy the fans got was insane; they were always on their feet, screaming. Meanwhile, there was a marching band that played various chants and everyone would sing along. Even though no team scored, the event was a blast. Seeing the locals’ passion for their team is one of the best things to do in Colombia.

Things to do in Colombia

7. Walking tour

The walking tour of Medellín’s city center was one of the most memorable times I had on program. It was a great chance to learn the history of Medellín. Furthermore, because it was my first week there, it was an easy way to familiarize myself with the city. It allowed me to shift my perspective of the area and what it now represents: change and progress. Also, we were taken to an amazing milkshake place where I had, maybe, the best milkshake I will ever have.


Now that you know Lorena’s favorite things to do in Colombia, apply now to make your resume stand out with an internship in Medellin.


Photos by Lorena Reis.

Photos and blog by The Intern Group

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