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The secrets to getting accepted to The Intern Group programs

You’ve already filled out The Intern Group application form and are waiting by your computer or phone for The Intern Group interview to start. Here are a few tips to acceptance onto The Intern Group international internship programs. With the right attitude and good preparation for the interview, you are one step closer to impressing us. By following these 6 rules you’re sure to be halfway to your dream internship!

The Intern Group

1. Show an interest in your chosen industry – Nothing impresses us more than a genuine interest in your industry. A passion for a particular subject shows us that you’re willing to work hard and want to learn as much as you possibly can during your internship. This is exactly the type of personality our partner companies want to work with. If you have relevant work/school experience this is an added bonus. Demonstrate why this experience has added to your interest in a particular industry and what you learned from it. Remember to give original, interesting answers! An answer that is different to the generic response we regularly receive will automatically put you ahead of other candidates.

2. Show an interest in your chosen destination – Do some background reading on the destination you’re interested in. We believe that cultural immersion is just as important as the professional development aspect of our programs. Tell us exactly what appeals to you about a specific culture and why it would enhance your internship experience. We want our interns to not only love their internship but their time abroad as well. Each of our destinations has so much to offer from the West End in London to Lantau Island in Hong Kong – something a domestic internship just can’t provide!

3. Show that you will represent us well – A big part of The Intern Group is maintaining excellent business relations with our company partners. This means that we focus on providing them with smart capable and hard-working interns. The way you act during your internship can determine if future interns will be able to have the same opportunity as you. Show us that you’re an ideal candidate by showing up on time and demonstrating a positive attitude.

4. Make sure you’ve thoroughly read over our website – A well prepared candidate shows us they are serious about an international internship. Read over our website and make sure you are familiar with our industries, destinations and the application process.

5. Dress the part – You only get one chance to make a first impression so your presentation matters. If you are interviewing via Skype, make sure you look professional by wearing smart clothing. This gives us an idea of your attitude towards an internship and how you will present yourself to our partner companies.

6. Come with thoughtful questions – At the end of the interview we usually ask if you have any other questions. This is great chance to show us how much attention you’ve been paying during the interview and what you’re really interested in. Don’t bombard the interviewer with simple questions that could be answered by reading the website – but obviously if you need clarification of some areas don’t hesitate to ask. However, what shows us initiative more than anything is intelligent questions demonstrating real enthusiasm.

Now you have our top tips to increase your chances of getting accepted onto our highly competitive programs. Good luck!

Photos and blog by Abbie Hammond

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