Sightseeing in Hong Kong

As Asia’s global city, Hong Kong is a mix of historic and modern culture, both of which will amaze you! From sacred temples to Lantau Island, Hong Kong has things to offer that you can’t find anywhere else in the world! If you’re lucky enough to intern here, you won’t be short of trips and excursions to take at the weekends. Here we’ve made a list of the top things that you have to do and see; your internship would be incomplete without experiencing the true Hong Kong!

Victoria Peak – To experience the best views of Hong Kong’s famous skyscraper skyline, go to The Peak at night. You’ll be able to see all of Hong Kong and Victoria Harbor, an amazing panoramic view! How do you get there? You can take the Peak tram all the way up the mountain. It’s been running for hundreds of years and at 552m high this is an unmissable opportunity!

Temple Street Night Market – Known as the most lively, bustling, authentic market in Hong Kong, the Temple Street night market starts at Man Ming Lane and goes all the way to Nanking Street. Here you can experience the real tastes, smells and bargains of Hong Kong! You can choose from the open air food stalls, clothes stalls, jewelry and trinkets and even fortune tellers, herbalists and opera performances. The market officially opens in the afternoon but most sellers arrive at about 6pm and start shutting at 11pm.


sightseeing in hong kong


Man Mo Temple – This is one of Hong Kong’s oldest temples. Full of peace and serenity, this sacred place of worship is dedicated to the gods of literature. It was built in 1847 during the Qing dynasty by wealthy Chinese merchants. Here you can see the beautiful, colorful architecture and even see your future by visiting one of the fortune tellers inside.

Happy Valley – A green area between Wan Chai and Causeway Bay, the famous Happy Valley is where people gather to enjoy the horse racing. It’s one of the oldest and most famous architectural sites in Hong Kong and was founded in the 1840s. The racing season runs from September to June and the entry fee is only HK$10. If you’re in Hong Kong in this season, make sure you head down to the races for a great atmosphere and fun day out!

Lantau Island – If you want to get out of the busy streets of Hong Kong for a weekend, visit the picturesque Lantau Island. The beautiful scenery and historical sites will amaze you and have you convinced you’re not in Hong Kong anymore! The most popular activity when visiting Lantau Island is climbing Phoenix Mountain to view and admire the sunrise. I would recommend climbing up in the early hours so you can reach the top before the daybreak – a perfect start to your day!


sightseeing in hong kong


Zoological and Botanical Gardens – Located on Albany Road Central District, it was originally meant just for plants but now houses animals as well. There are 300 birds, 70 mammals, and 20 reptiles so you have plenty to see! One of the favorite attractions is the Bird House where you will have the chance to see the American Flamingo, Bali Mynah, Hawaiian Goose, and Red-crowned Crane.

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