11 great things to do in London

In terms of attractions, London has everything to offer! From historic monuments to modern architecture; from West End musicals to the thriving underground music scene; from museums to cool bars and restaurants, you’ll struggle fitting everything in. Here is The Intern Group’s guide to sight seeing in London:

5 Must See Attractions

These are the sights that every tourist must see in London (the monuments that probably feature in your friends’ Facebook cover photos after they’ve backpacked through Europe!).

Buckingham Palace – As I’m sure you are all aware, this is the London residence of the monarchy of the United Kingdom. It has been the principal royal residence since 1837 – Queen Victoria was the first monarch to reside there. This is something you can’t miss, so make sure you pay it a visit!

Big Ben – Although the clock and tower are commonly referred to as Big Ben, the name Big Ben actually refers to the bell of the clock at the end of the Palace of Westminster. This clock stands as an iconic symbol of London and is well worth a visit.

The Houses of Parliament – This is what the House of Commons and the House of Lords, are most commonly referred to. They meet in the Palace of Westminster on the River Thames.

The London Eye – This is the 135 meter tall, giant Ferris wheel located on the south bank of the River Thames. From it’s lofty height you will have a panoramic view of London’s skyline from which you can admire the amalgam of history and modernity.

London Eye in London

Tower of London – This historic castle, which is located on the north bank of the River Thames, was built in 1066. It was originally used as a Royal Residence, but it’s most famous use was a prison. It held such historical figures as Anne Boleyn and Guy Fawkes.

There are many other tourist attractions such as St. Pauls Cathedral, Madame Tussauds and Trafalgar Square for you to enjoy. If you don’t have much time, there are many bus tour companies that will take you around all of these sights in an afternoon.

Park in London

3 Shopping Stops

Oxford Street is Europe’s busiest shopping area, and covering a distance of 1 mile, it is also the UK’s longest shopping street. London is home to some of the world’s most famous department stores. Even if you are just there to window shop, this is a must see area.

Selfridges flagship store is located on Oxford Street. It is a high-end department store and is the second largest shop in the United Kingdom.

Harrods department store is the biggest shop in Europe and is located in Brompton Road in Knightsbridge.

Hamleys, located on Regent Street, is the world’s oldest toyshop. It contains over 50,000 toys spread over 7 floors.

3 Cool Bars & Restaurants

Being the UK’s capital city, London is host to wide range of cool bars and restaurants. Here are just a few for you to check out:

Bounce Ping Pong Bounce is a cool Ping-Pong bar/restaurant. They serve pizza, prepared in their wood burning stove and a selection of antipasti in the restaurant section overlooking the Ping-Pong tables. The bar serves a selection of London beers and cocktails as well. Located in Holborn, Bounce offers reasonably priced, good food (main courses cost under £15) and a fun evening of light competitiveness with your friends.

Burger & Lobster The name of this restaurant perfectly describes what it’s all about. They serve Burger or Lobster. They have a three-item menu including burgers, lobster and lobster rolls. You can find a Burger & Lobster in Soho, Mayfair, Farringdon, City, Knightsbridge and Oxford Circus, and the food costs around £20.

Dog & Duck You cannot leave London without having a pint in a London pub. The Dog & Duck is a typical English pub with a wide and ever-changing ale selection. If you don’t find yourself in Soho, it won’t be very difficult to find a nice English pub wherever you are staying. Ale is something the English do particularly well so don’t miss out!

These are just a few of our sight seeing in London suggestions. This amazing city has so much more to offer so get out there and discover it for yourself!


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