Sightseeing in Madrid

If you’ve ever been to Madrid you’ll know that there is so much to see! From the beautiful, historic architecture and famous museums to Sunday markets and hidden restaurants down cobbled alleyways, Madrid has something for everyone. We’ve narrowed down the endless list of tourist attractions and made a list of the top 5 things you have to do in Madrid during your internship.

Museums – If you want to experience the culture and history of Spain, Madrid offers a range of amazing museums, each original and different from the last. The Museo del Prado is internationally recognised as one of the most notable museums, especially for European art. The Reina Sofia museum houses Picasso’s infamous ‘Guernica’. This moving piece displays the tragedies during the Spanish Civil War when the Basque country was bombed. Taking up a whole wall, this painting is widely acclaimed and brings a sense of reality from Spain’s turbulent history to the present day.

Famous Landmarks – You couldn’t complete a trip to Madrid without seeing a few places which characterize the country’s culture. Puerta del Sol, a square in the centre of the city, is not only the symbolic heart of the capital but geographically is as well. Literally translated as ‘Gate of the Sun’, the Puerta del Sol is the meeting point for the 6 main streets in Madrid, making it the hub of the city. It also contains the famous clock tower which Spaniards gather under at New Year. El Palacio Real is also something not to be missed. It’s the largest royal palace in western Europe and you can take a tour round the gorgeous grounds and discover more about Madrid’s history.




Food – Madrid is famous for tapas, small snacks that can be served at any time of the day and are amazing with a glass of sangria! Chorizo, calamari, manchego cheese, jamón serrano, olives and chopitos all characterize the city’s cuisine. Wander through Madrid’s streets and get lost between the tapas bars! There are hundreds of tapas bars with authentic, fresh food which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. You should also visit the San Miguel Market, just off La Plaza Mayor; it’s one of the oldest markets in Madrid. With beautiful glass walls and an amazing atmosphere, the market offers gourmet food at an affordable price.

El Rastro – For people who love bargain hunting el Rastro is the perfect place to spend your Sunday morning. As the most popular open air flea market in Madrid you can spend hours going from stall to stall finding antiques and trinkets for great prices.

Parks & Gardens – Madrid boasts extensive green areas throughout the city. It has a total of 33 million square meters of parkland distributed between more than 40 parks. Retiro Park is probably one of Madrid’s most famous parks. It has huge green spaces for you to relax in or have a picnic. There’s also a rose garden, el Palacio de Cristal and you can even rent a small boat and row on the lake. On the weekends there’s also a large variety of shows and street theatre being performed. Other parks to visit also include la Casa de Campo, Parque Del Oeste (amazing for seeing Madrid’s skyline) and el Jardín Botánico.

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