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Live abroad today or you’ll regret it tomorrow

why live abroad

Why live abroad now? There are so many excuses to not to follow your wanderlust and live abroad as a young person. Just imagine how those excuses will add up when you have even more life responsibilities further down the road. Now is the time to take a chance on an international experience that will…

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8 Reasons To Do An Internship In Latin America

For young professionals looking to set themselves apart, an internship in Latin America is the perfect opportunity. Taking advantage of the many emerging economies in the region is the best way to gain a unique perspective on an industry. Many Latin American cities are quickly becoming influential on a global city, making them a great…

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10 ways your internship abroad is worth the investment

is it worth it

There are a million different ways to spend your money. Why not make an investment that will change your life forever? Investing in an internship abroad will jump start your career and offer you an exciting international experience. Is it worth it? It’s the kind of decision that pays off professionally and personally, offering both…

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10 tips for keeping in touch with friends back home

keep in touch

Keeping in touch with friends and family back home and staying “in the loop” is a very real challenge. It’s worth the effort though, especially since there are so many amazing tools at our fingertips that can help us stay connected. The internet has transformed how we interact with each other, making it easier to…

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10 wonderful things you’ll discover about Medellín as an intern in Colombia

internship in Colombia

1) It’s innovative Prized with the title “innovative city of the year” in 2013, by the Urban Land Institute, Medellín boasts a modern and well-planned public transportation system, innovative civic spaces and infrastructure as well as technological investments. Colombia’s second-largest city has also been named the best Latin American city to live in by the…

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10 gifs only world travelers will understand

summer internships 2019

World travel can be pretty incredible – and pretty terrifying. The mishaps and mistakes you make along your journey are just part of the adventure. Remember that laughing about it is much better than crying. Sometimes it takes a little bit of both.   1) Accidentally paying 50 dollars instead of 5 to a cab…

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