The benefits of a career in Fashion

…And why an internship abroad will help you get there!

A career in fashion is exciting, competitive and fast-paced. The career paths available can vary greatly and often intersect with other industries. Some fashion professionals are focused on the design, creation and styling of garments, while others work within the commercial end of the industry in sales or fashion merchandising roles. There’s also a demand for fashion reporting, PR, photography and marketing, another important sector of this diverse industry.


    7 benefits of a career in Fashion


1. You’re surrounded by creativity

Even if you’re not interested in a creative role within the fashion industry, you’ll still be around a lot of people who enjoy expressing themselves in artistic and creative ways. The fashion industry is colorful and full of flavor, as it is centered around clothing design and style.


2. It’s glamorous

Working in the fashion industry can be very glamorous. You never know when famous designers, celebrities, models and actors will make an appearance. However, meeting famous people and attending fashion shows and fancy industry events are a small part of a career in fashion. The career is so much more than the glossy photos that you see in magazines.


career in Fashion


3. The clothes

Working in the fashion industry is perfect for someone who is passionate about clothing and how it’s made and designed. However, don’t think that you’ll be afford those beautiful designer shoes, bags or blazers right away. Starting out in the fashion industry means earning typical starting salaries. That being said, you’ll still be surrounded by beautiful clothing, stylish people and the designers who made it all happen.


4. Full of hardworking people

Surviving in the fashion industry takes a strong person. The industry is perfect for tenacious people who like to be challenged, have a good attitude and aren’t afraid of working hard.


career in Fashion


5. It’s multifaceted

The fashion industry is moving away from rigid job roles and moving towards employing people with many different skills who can take on a variety of tasks. These jobs are far more dynamic and multifaceted than they used to be, making the positions more interesting than before.


6. The freebies

When it comes to freebies, there’s no industry quite like the Fashion industry. Whether it’s just another day at the office or you’re headed to a fancy company event, you will be welcomed by goodie bags and freebies galore. Brands want you to remember them. It’s hard to forget the brand that gave you your favorite red lip gloss (the one that you always have in your purse) for free.


7. It’s fast-paced

The fashion industry moves fast and is always shifting and evolving – just like fashion trends. Every year thousands of designers are showing new collections and designs that then set the trends for the following year. Fashion industry professionals are constantly working on what’s new.


Why intern abroad?

An internship abroad is an excellent way to kick-start a career in fashion. The Intern Group offers exciting roles in London, New York City, Madrid, Colombia, Australia and Hong Kong that will take your fashion career to the next level. Internship opportunities with The Intern Group include roles in design, merchandising, buying, show-rooms, Fashion Week organization, and fashion PR.


Apply now for an internship abroad in fashion to boost your career!




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