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The benefits of a career in PR & Marketing

The benefits of a career in PR & Marketing…and how an internship abroad will help get you there

PR and Marketing is a demanding and alluring field that requires drive, analytical skills, intellect and, of course, a knack for communication. Marketers play an important role in boosting demand for products (and our economy), and they need to be able to identify the needs and desires of a consumer to attract more potential customers. There are many benefits to the marketing field, as it offers job security and can be quite lucrative, especially compared to other types of communications jobs. Learn exactly what working in Marketing and PR can offer you and why a PR and Marketing internship is the best way to test drive this exciting career:


5 benefits of a career in PR & Marketing

1. High paying

Marketing and PR professionals on average earn very respectable wages, generally between high five and six digit salaries. They are among the most well-paid employees working within the communications field.

2. Job security

There’s always products to sell and a need to market them in order to make those sales, making the demand for marketing and PR professionals fairly consistent over time and most positions permanent.


career in PR


3. Lots of career options

There are many different directions you can go with a career in Marketing, from managing brands and products, market research, account management, and creative work like writing copy. The different fields in which you can specialize make the career more dynamic and freeing.

4. The prestige

Though some marketing and PR jobs are more glamorous than others, many professionals end up working for exciting brands like Coca-Cola or Nike. Helping develop the marketing strategy for major brands is an exciting opportunity to leave your mark on the world, especially when the product has an international reach.

5. Fast-paced and demanding

Jobs in marketing and PR require intelligence, hard work and dedication. This career isn’t boring, but that also means aspiring professionals need to be open to some challenges as they establish themselves and learn the ropes of the field.


career in PR


Why intern abroad?

An international internship in marketing gives a young person the opportunity to gain hands-on experience working alongside established industry professionals. It’s the perfect step towards finding a permanent position in the field, as it gives a young professional experience working in a demanding, professional and international environment. For marketing and PR internships, The Intern Group partners with blue chip companies in all of our program destination cities (Madrid, New York, Melbourne, Hong Kong, Medellín, London). Public Relations internships usually entail press release writing, contacting media outlets, representing clients at events, covering red carpet events and much more. Internships in international Marketing teach young professionals how to assess market demand for a service or product and convert that into sales and revenue. Internships in Marketing range from traditional, off-line corporate Marketing to on-line roles concentrating on social media.


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Photo 1. based on The Art of New Business, by Sarah Bradley, CC-by-2.0

Photo 2. based on business diagram, by Steve wilson, CC-by-2.0

Photo 3. based on Business of Software – Derek Sivers, by Betsy Weber, CC-by-2.0

Photos and blog by Elizabeth Trovall

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