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The benefits of a career in theater and music

And why an internship abroad will help you get there!

Working in theater or music are both competitive and rewarding. Careers in theater and music offer artistic fulfilment, as you can work alongside fellow artists and develop your creative point of view to share with the world. Learn more about these appealing industries, what they can offer you and how an internship abroad can get you on track to finding the job of your dreams.


6 benefits of careers in theater and music:


1. Collaborative creativity

For many artistic people, there’s no better sense of communion or connection with others than making art in a group setting. Musicians and theater professionals must work in artistic teams in order to do their art in a professional setting. This is one of the great advantages of pursuing a career in theater and music – the opportunity to create something beautiful and eye-opening with others.

2. Variety

Careers in theater and music offer an interesting and exciting lifestyle with tons of variety in terms of job opportunities, the people you meet and where you can end up. Because music and theater skills can be useful in many different contexts and industries, a career in either of these fields can vary greatly over the years. It just takes creativity and a lot of hard work.


careers in theater


3. Passion

There’s no greater feeling than getting paid to follow your dream. Though you may not be paid the same as CEOs, working as a musician or theater professional can lead to a very satisfying life – a life of art and expression.

4. The rush of performing

When you’re a performer or someone who works in performance, there’s nothing quite like hearing a chatty audience hush before a show is about to begin. There’s something about the energy an audience brings to music and theater that makes live performance so addictive. It’s a mix of adrenaline, love for the craft and the joy of sharing one’s craft and passion with others.


careers in theater


5. Developing your craft

If you decide not to professionally pursue your craft, it can be hard to continue to develop within the artistic world (though not impossible). When you’re paid to do art, you’re forced to keep growing – even when you’re discouraged or downtrodden. It’s your job to push through and that will make you a better artist in the end.

6. The alternative lifestyle

Oftentimes, music and theater professionals don’t work the traditional 9 to 5 schedule that the corporate world must adhere to. Managing your own schedule and having alternative professional criteria is an important perk for many professionals in the theater and music industries.


Intern Abroad in Theater and Music

A career in theater and music oftentimes relies on personal contacts in the industry. A great way to develop these contacts is through an internship opportunity. An international experience is also great way to grow personally, as well as professionally, as you can meet international colleagues and friends in your field. Thinking outside the box is highly valued within both theater and music, which is another reason why an international opportunity is highly beneficial, as multicultural experiences abroad are likely to improve creativity. The Intern Group offers exciting theater and music roles in London, New York City, Madrid, Colombia, Australia and Hong Kong that will take your career to the next level. Music internship opportunities with The Intern Group include roles in PR, record label marketing and music production. Theater internships are focused on immersing students in both on and off-stage work.


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Photo 1. based on Orchestra, by Agence Tophos, CC-by-SA 2.0

Photo 2. based on Drama, by starmanseries, CC-by-2.0

Photo 3. by Cristian Ungureanu, Public Domain

Photos and blog by Elizabeth Trovall

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