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The Best Travel Apps for International Interns

As an international intern, you’re stepping outside of your comfort zone and into a new city, country and maybe even continent! From airports to train stations, tiny towns to busy cities, international interns are always on the go. When you travel, there are so many things to remember. No matter where you may go, your cellphone can be the most important tool.  Arm yourself with the best travel apps for international interns, and set out to explore the world! 


Best travel apps for international interns


Here are the best travel apps for international interns:

With you will never be lost in a new city again. This app lets you download maps to be used offline, so that you can navigate to any destination and back. The app includes GPS support, routing you by foot or car to anywhere in the area. There is the option to search for restaurants, hotels and points of interest easily. You can even find things near you! Additionally, you can bookmark and share locations. It is one of the best travel apps for international interns.


When it comes to safety, the Companion App should be at the top of your list. The app allows you to invite a real life companion to escort you when walking alone, through live location tracking and safety alerts. When using the app, you’ll be able to input your destination and chosen route, and then invite someone from your contacts to virtually guide you home. They don’t need to have the app. Instead, they’ll get a text message alerting them of your request, and a link to a webpage where they can follow your progress on a map. As you’re walking, you can alert your companion easily within the app to report that you feel nervous, and it has the ability to contact your companion and local authorities in case of emergency.


Every international intern needs a go-to photo app. Snapseed allows you to edit, enhance and save photos on the go. From filters and colors, to lens blurs and effects, the app is much simpler to use than Photoshop. Easily share to social media from within the app itself, and watch tutorial videos to learn how to use the most unique features.


Best travel apps for international interns

Sit or Squat

In every city and every country, you’ll be looking to find public restrooms when you’re out exploring. Sit or Squat is a map of clean toilets in your city, allowing you to quickly locate the nearest bathroom. Also, users can rate cleanliness and comfort in the app to help future travelers.


This easy to use currency converter can help you calculate in over 150 currencies, in 24 languages. Download the app onto your phone or Apple Watch for easy conversions while you’re traveling. However, the app is helpful beyond just money conversion needs. You can also use it to convert cooking measurements, temperatures and weights, among many more. This is the perfect app for the young professional living abroad – use it to help navigate your new environment.

Download the best travel apps for international interns and apply now to boost your career!



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