Colombia: The Trendy Travelers Destination

Travelers are finally discovering what they’ve been missing after decades of bad press.The Guardian writes that “Medellin’s metamorphosis provides a beacon for cities across the globe”. Why the sudden hype?

The Happiest Country in the World

Voted Happiest Country in the World 2013, travelers are welcomed by a nation of content and carefree Colombians. The climate, the coffee and Cali (The World’s Salsa Capital) are just a few of the things that make the nation so happy, says The Huffington Post.

Booming Economy

Colombia is an exhilarating emerging economy in full swing. Rich with natural resources and home to the second largest population in South America, leading investment banks such as JP Morgan have labelled the country the next star of Latin America.

Environmental Diversity

Despite its relatively small size, Colombia is the second most biologically diverse country on Earth, home to about 10% of the world’s species. Split into five regions (the Caribbean, the Andes, the Amazon, the Pacific and the Plains), Colombia has something for everyone.

The Culture

Home to the late Gabriel Garcia Marquez (Nobel Prize in Literature winner), Shakira (international superstar), and Sofia Vergara (world-famous actress), Colombia is a country rich in cultural diversity that radiates passion, curiosity and beauty.

Our program in Colombia is second to none. We have previously placed interns at the international engineering conglomerate, Cryogas (Indura Group), on the trading floor at Bancolombia and in the Colombian Government.


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