Theater and Music Internships in New York City

“The most wonderful street in the universe is Broadway. It is a world within itself. High and low, rich and poor, pass along at a rate peculiar to New York, and positively bewildering to a stranger.” -Frank Rich

Theater and Music Internships in New York City prepare a young person for their career in the arts with real-world experience working in theater or music. Some of the world’s best theater and music professionals live and work in New York City, as the city is known for its diverse and spectacular live performance scene. The competitive entertainment industry has a large concentration of the world’s talent, with some of the best professional theaters, music venues, record labels, producers and bands based in the area. As one of the leading cities in the world for both music and theater, an internship in New York City is highly strategic for a young person interested in pursuing a career in either of these industries.

Young professionals will learn from the best of the best through their Theater and Music Internships in New York City. An intern in New York City will also make vital professional contacts working alongside established and skillful industry professionals. Advancing a career in theater or music requires contacts, experience, talent and skill, which are best developed through an internship opportunity.


Music Internships in New York


Your life in the Big Apple

Interns doing theater & music internships in New York City are placed in a private bedroom in a residence for students, young professionals and interns. Intern New York accommodations are in a pleasant, safe area of New York City just blocks away from Central Park. Conveniently located next to cafes, museums, and public transport, the building is perfectly situated so that interns can explore and enjoy all that New York has to offer. Interns also have access to the full fitness center in the building.


New York City’s music

New York City plays a very important role in the world of music. Influenced by the diverse ethnic groups and cultures in the area, many genres of music originate from New York City, including salsa, hip hop, punk rock, disco, new wave and bebop. The city has also played a large role in jazz and blues music, with many prominent musicians like Duke Ellington and Billie Holiday coming from New York City’s music scene.

Thousands of aspiring musicians each year flock to the city, in part because of the area’s numerous venues. Often referred to as the soul of American culture, The Apollo Theater is historically a leading venue for black performers in the United States. World class acts like Dizzy Gillespie, Ray Charles and Aretha Franklin have performed at the theater. More famous New York venues include the United Palace Theater, which was a vaudeville stage back in the 1930s and now books performers like Adele and Vampire Weekend. Meanwhile, the massive venue Madison Square Garden brings in the best musical acts in the world like Madonna and U2. Radio City Music Hall is another classic New York City venue. Its Art Deco style really gives the space something special.


Music Internships in New York


On Broadway

Actors, directors, producers and designers from all over the world flock to New York City to test their talent and attempt to break into New York City’s famed live theater scene. Of the city’s many stages, Broadway encompasses the city’s most elite commercial performance spaces for live theater. Broadway’s 40 professional theaters draw in millions of audience members each year to see musical comedies, Shakespearean tragedies and everything in between.

“There’s nothing that can match Broadway for stature and dignity.” -Sammy Davis Jr.


Experience the melting pot

New York’s rich diversity is what makes the city’s music and theater scene so vibrant. The different creative types from all over the world make the city truly special. It’s the perfect place for an international theater and music intern to meet interesting artists from all over the world and connect to different cultures. Changing neighborhoods can feel like changing continents, as the city is peppered with many ethnic enclaves like Chinatown and Little Brazil.


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