The DOs and DON’Ts of an internship abroad

Learning the ropes at an internship abroad can take some time. Not only are you adjusting to a new office, but you’re also learning about a brand new culture and getting used to a completely different living situation. So, for a little guidance on what to do and what not to do at an internship abroad, we provided some visual aids and useful tips for interns. Hopefully these will help you to avoid any #internabroadproblems.


DO NOT assume that a handshake is the best way to greet coworkers

Every culture has its own way of greeting people.
tips for interns


DO learn how to make culturally-appropriate professional introductions

It’s a sign of respect if you can adapt to the local culture and how the locals interact at the office.
tips for interns


DO NOT be shy speaking another language

tips for interns


DO take advantage of the opportunity in another country to learn the language

tips for interns


DO NOT be afraid to ask for help

tips for interns


DO take notes during your first week

So that you remember how the office operates and don’t have to ask the same questions repeatedly about your responsibilities.
tips for interns


DO NOT take on too much work too fast

You’re adjusting to a lot of new things at once – a new country, a new office, a new language. Give yourself some time to adjust before taking on huge projects so that you can get a sense of your pace.

tips for interns


DO challenge yourself, while being reasonable about what you can achieve

tips for interns



Take these useful tips for interns on board and apply now to boost your career!


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