Tips for making your internship accommodations feel like home
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Tips for making your internship accommodations feel like home

Having a space to call home is super important while living abroad. There are so many new experiences, places, sounds and smells – it’s nice to have a place to be alone where you feel comfortable. Make yourself your own little home away from home using these simple decoration tips.





Hang photos


Bring along with you a set of some of your favorite printed photos from home and some Command picture-hanging strips. Arrange your photos on the wall however you like, for example in a heart shape or rectangle mosaic, to make your wall like a large, expansive picture frame. You could also bring along string and tiny clothespins and make yourself a fun photo-hanging line to dangle cute pics from home. Seeing the faces of your friends and family every day will make you feel not quite so far from home.



Play nostalgic jams


Music is an important part of any ambiance. Prepare yourself an iTunes playlist with your favorite music from home. Put on the playlist whenever you feel like you need to chill out and escape your life abroad.



Bring your pillowcase from home


You may not be able to fit your favorite pillow in your suitcase – but a pillowcase is just small enough to make the cut. It’s a small detail, but it will provide a little bit of home and comfort under your head as you sleep at night.



Hang up a world map


Invest in a world map to hang up on your wall. It will remind you of the importance of what you’re up to – exploring the world. It will also add a nice decorative touch to your internship accommodations.





Invest in good lighting


Buying an inexpensive lamp or a set of Christmas lights will really give your intern accommodations an extra charm. Being able to adjust the lighting in your room will allow you to change the mood of the space, making it more cozy and inviting.



Opt for postcard art


In lieu of expensive artwork, arranging postcards on a wall can be a nice way to spruce up your space without dishing out lots of cash. Plus all the postcards you accumulate while you live abroad can be easily taken on the plane with you and hung up on your wall back home.



Hang up a large calendar


Even though they are a bit old-fashioned these days, a nice monthly calendar is a great way to keep your schedule organized while adding a personal touch to your room.



Use fridge magnets


So magnets might not make it into your room, but if your roommates are OK with putting some of your favorite magnets on the fridge, it’s a nice way to make the kitchen have a taste of home. You can use them to hang up pics, event flyers or local takeout menus.





Light incense or candles


Depending on the candle policy of your building you can buy some inexpensive candles and incense for your room to give it a nice, soothing scent. Soothing aromatherapy can help keep you at peace amidst any overwhelming feelings that may arise from life abroad.



Buy flowers


Especially if you’re in a place like Medellín, with its spring-like weather all year long, you should definitely buy flowers for your room every once in a while. It will give life, color and cheer to your intern accommodations.



Photo 1. based on , by Josh Angehr, CC-by-2.0

Photo 2. based on Like it was all a dream, by Stacie DaPonte, CC-by-2.0

Photo 3. based on A row of tea candles, by Markus Grossalber, CC-by-2.0

Photos and blog by Elizabeth Trovall

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