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Top 10 qualities of successful millennials

Understand how your professional heroes got to where they are today. We’ve uncovered the top 10 qualities of highly successful people.


The world’s most successful millennials are:

1. Tenacious

A young person with the determination to advance their career will find success. Sticking to your goals and staying focused will pay off. This is the time to be bold about what you want out of your career and not let anything stop you from shining.


2. Hardworking

Albert Einstein famously said, “Genius is 1% talent and 99% percent hard work”. Even the smartest minds in the world must work hard in order to find success. Even if you’re not enjoying your work, if you know it will get you closer to your goals you have to slog through it and remember it will all be worth it.


3. Effective communicators

The ability to express yourself in a way that is positive and clear can take you far. A lot of people struggle with communication skills, but they’re incredibly important in order to have a successful career.


4. Enthusiastic

Passion is a powerful thing. It pushes us past setbacks and encourages us to get through the painstaking parts of our jobs. People who are enthusiastic about what they do, take pleasure in their work and are inspired by it are more motivated and, unsurprisingly, see much better results.


“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson


qualities of highly successful people


5. Focused

It’s important to set career goals for yourself and keep them as a focal point as you start your life as a young professional. Maintaining focus on what you want out of your professional life will keep you on a path towards success.


6. Positive

A cheery disposition and a positive attitude brighten up any office. This sort of attitude is a key quality of successful people. Optimism will not only help you achieve your potential but it can inspire an entire team to reach their work goals.


7. Open-minded

Successful people are open to new ideas and new solutions to old problems. They’re not so focused on how things used to be done, but rather on how to innovate by thinking outside the box. It’s important also to have an open mind about new experiences and career opportunities you might have not considered before.


qualities of highly successful people


8. Team players

Nothing great is ever accomplished alone. It takes a strong team to bring together great ideas and execute them. Someone who can work well with others and accomplish goals as a team will find that success is a lot easier to achieve with others by their side.


9. Always prepared

Whether you’re headed to a job interview, a meeting, a brainstorming session or getting to the office on Monday morning, you should be prepared for the minutes, hour or day ahead of you. This means both bringing the corresponding materials to wherever you need to be but also being mentally prepared.


10. Independent

Successful people have a strong sense of self-reliance, which makes them valuable members of their teams. Being independent and self-reliant doesn’t mean that they don’t work well with others. It means that they aren’t depending too much on anyone else to get their work done and achieve their goals. Somebody who knows how to work on their own and is accountable for their decisions is the kind of person you can trust with more responsibilities.



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Photos and blog by Elizabeth Trovall

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