Top 10 travel apps for your internship abroad

Stressed about the prospect of traveling and living in an unknown city halfway across the world? No worries! Like with most things, there’s an app for that. Technology has made international travel considerably easier, so why not take advantage of these downloadable travel apps for Android and iOS. The Intern Group has assembled a list of the 10 essential travel apps for interns traveling and living abroad. Some make your life easier, some are just fun!


Useful travel apps


1. Whatsapp Messenger by Whatsapp Inc. – Whatsapp Messenger will make communicating with people back home and abroad much easier and cheaper. The messaging service via app requires a phone number but no phone service. Since the app uses internet to send messages between phones there are no international charges or charges per message. The service also allows for multimedia messages, audio recordings and group chats. (Similar apps: Viber, Facebook Messenger)


2. WordLens by Quest Visual – If your knowledge of the local language is a little shaky, WordLens can be a big help for foreigners unsure of what a foreign text means. Whether it’s on signs, tags or menus, point your phone camera at the words you’re unsure of, then the translation appears right on your screen.


3. City Maps 2Go by Ulmon – You’ll never get too lost in a new city if you download city maps through City Maps 2Go. The app offers detailed maps of any city which can be accessed offline, no internet access required. The app also allows the use of GPS to pinpoint your location, find restaurants, metro stations, etc.


4. TripIt by TripIt – For those who like all their travel information in one place, TripIt is a godsend. Users can forward all their confirmation emails, reservations and accommodation info to the app and TripIt will automatically organize an itinerary. Itineraries are available offline and directions and maps can be accessed through the app as well.


Useful travel apps


5. MetrO by Kinevia – Not sure how long a commute will take or what metro will get you where? To quickly get organized for an upcoming trip, this app serves as a trip planner for 400 transit systems around the world. The app tells you where to board, exit and change trains, how many stops it will take and how long the trip will last. The best part is the app even works without an internet connection.


6. White Noise by tmsoft – It can be difficult to fall asleep while in transit, but you’ll be so much happier if you get some rest before arriving at your destination. To drown out the unpleasant noise of a crying child or a snoring passenger, White Noise plays soothing background sounds to help travelers sleep on train, airplane or car trips.


7. Postagram by Sincerely Inc. – Making your own postcards is so much better than buying them! The Postagram app allows you to take photos on your phone and then send them out to your friends as personalized homemade postcards through the mail. What better way to let your friends and family back home know you miss them?


Useful travel apps


8. Duolingo by Duolingo – If you’re trying to brush up on the local language, the DuoLingo apps can be a huge help on brushing up on language basics. The language learning app is also a great way to entertain yourself while in transit. (Similar apps: Babbel, MindSnacks)


9. Google Translate by Google – A favorite app for translation, the Google Translate app can offer written translations in 90 languages using voice, camera, the keyboard or handwriting. Included in the Google Translate app is a similar service as WordLens.


10. TinyScan by Appxy – While living abroad, it’s very important to keep tabs on your important documents. The app TinyScan can help keep you organized by serving as a small scanner to make PDF or photo copies of your passport, visa, receipts or any other documents that will stay safely stored in your phone.




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