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Top reasons to live and intern in Washington DC in 2021

The capitol building in washington dc

Internships in Washington DC are among the most coveted and competitive placements available in the country. D.C. is not only the political capital of the United States, it’s a top destination for tourists and interns alike.

No matter your chosen field, D.C. is the perfect place to network and grow as a professional. You’re sure to meet the top experts from around your industry and have the chance to attend world-class events. The city is home to incredible monuments and museums, and beautiful green spaces. It’s easy to get around, and easy to meet people! For an intern, there’s no better destination if you want to live in a truly international city.


Here are just a few reasons to pursue internships in Washington DC:


If you love to eat, DC is for you. The city is a foodie’s paradise! In DC you’ll find cuisine from every corner of the world, and everything from food trucks to rooftop restaurants with months-long waiting lists. Each of the city’s neighborhoods is iconic and unique in its own way, and many are famous for particular types of food. Of course, you’ll also find deliciously greasy late-night food, as well as the widest variety of desserts you can imagine.



Washington DC is in a great location for travel around the country and the world. With two major airports, it’s easy to catch a flight to anywhere you’d like. But DC also has a great system of trains and buses, and you can easily head off to Pittsburgh, New York, Philadelphia, or Boston. If you’re looking for a beach weekend, head out to Delaware or Virginia Beach for some coastal bliss in the summers!


A photo of the Jefferson Memorial ringed by cherry blossoms



DC is famous for its events, from those taking place at various embassies to Jazz in the Gardens, which takes place in the summer at the city’s botanic gardens. The city also hosts amazing concerts and festivals, including the famous Cherry Blossom Festival in the spring.



Washington DC’s museums are world-renowned. The Air and Space Museum, the National Museum of National History, and the African American History and Culture are among the best museums in the country and the world. Most of DC’s museums offer free entry, so there’s absolutely no excuse not to explore them!



In addition to the famous springtime cherry blossoms, Washington DC has an incredible amount of beautiful green space. There are parks and gardens throughout the city, and the sprawling Rock Creek Park runs through the middle. The National Arboretum is a perfect weekend destination, as is the United States Botanic Garden. If you love biking, jogging, or walking, you won’t be short of scenic paths to explore.



If networking is a top priority for you during an internship, there’s no better city in the world than Washington. The top experts and professionals from every field make their way to DC to host and attend events, work, and network. Some people say DC runs on networking, and that’s partially true! There are endless opportunities to attend networking events, conferences, and meetups. If you put yourself out there, the city will truly give back to you in the form of connections and leads.



Last but not least, getting around DC is extremely easy. The city has extensive public transit including buses and the Metro, and you can grab a train from Union Station at any time of day. Downtown DC is also incredibly walkable, and you can museum and monument hop on your own two feet. There are a lot of bike lanes for those who prefer to get around on bike, and even getting to and from the airport is easy with trains and shuttles.


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Blog by Maeve Allsup

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