12 travel photography tips to improve your Instagram #insta-ntly

Boost your Instagram feed and take the best photos ever while you’re on your next international adventure. These 12 travel photography tips will enhance the quality of your shots and make your social media posts the envy of all your friends.


1. Do your research

Before you travel, investigate what are the best scenic views and photographer-friendly areas. Consider what kind of photos other people have taken before you and which shots you want to capture. Planning ahead will pay off in the long run.


2. Shoot from different angles and distances

When you see something you would like to capture, don’t just shoot it 10 times the exact same way. Get on your knees and take a picture. Move around to try different distances and angles. Little changes like this can really change up the composition of your photo, so you can choose the best from a lot of different shots.


3. Include people in your photos

As humans, we like to see other people in photos. It helps us relate to the space that we’re looking at. Play with this human element in your photos to tell different stories about where you are and who you’re with.


travel photography tips


4. Wake up early

If you’re an early bird, you’ll definitely capture things nobody else will with your photos. Not only is it an interesting part of the day, as the world starts to wake up and get moving, but the light of dawn will also add something extra to your photography.


5. Always charge your phone or camera

You never want your phone or camera to die in the middle of a shoot. Keep your equipment charged so that you’re always prepared. You never know when you’ll miss an extra special shot.


6. Zoom with your feet

If you can, move closer to your subject instead of using the “zoom” function on your camera or phone. You’ll end up with a higher quality photo.


travel photography tips


7. Take advantage of good light

Right before sunset, light outside is magic. Take advantage of this part of day whenever you can and start taking photos wherever you are. It’s the most beautiful time of day – try to capture it.


8. Avoid touristy areas and times

Another advantage of waking up early is that you can avoid tourist traffic. A photo overloaded with tourists takes away from the beauty and authenticity of where you are.


9. Do some exploration

Don’t stick to your guidebook when you’re looking for a unique or interesting shot. Walk around without a certain destination and let your wanderlust lead you. You’ll come across unique spots to capture and have an adventure along the way.


travel photography tips


10. Stay at a hotel, hostel or Airbnb with a great view

One way to ensure a great shot is to book your next stay at a place known for its view. You’ll have the freedom to enjoy and photograph that vista whenever you want.


11. Include a fact or detail in your caption

Having some information about where you are and what you’re shooting will give context to your photos, which makes the visual storytelling richer overall.


12. Candid pictures of friends and family will be the most memorable

Posed photographs and selfies are great ways to capture a moment. However, the best family and friend photographs happen when nobody is posing. Try to slyly capture your loved ones goofing around or exploring. You’ll get to have that experience forever.


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