Your no-nonsense guide to traveling abroad in style

When you’re living out of a backpack or suitcase for a couple months, it’s important to be mindful of what you pack. You can’t take just anything and you definitely can’t take everything. Each item of clothing can’t merely be stylish, it has to serve a purpose and have value among your chosen travel garments.


1. Comfortable, closed-toe shoes

Traveling the world isn’t for dinky sandals, stiff loafers or high heels. Arguably the most important article of clothing you will wear while abroad is your footwear. There are so many cute and comfortable shoes out there, so finding something to suit your needs shouldn’t be hard. Tip: before your trip, try to break in your shoes ahead of time. It’s fun to have new shoes for a new trip, but not if they end up giving you blisters while you’re trying to explore a new international city.


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2. Suit and tie

During your internship abroad, you want to be able to dress to impress – at the very least for important networking events or business meetings. Bring along at least one suit and tie or pantsuit. Don’t forget to make sure it’s ironed before you put the suit on, or you’ll undermine the effect of wearing a suit in the first place.


3. Comfy travel pants

Invest in a cute pair of jersey harem pants or sleek sports wear that you can put on when you’re on planes, trains and long bus journeys. There’s so much stylish sportswear out there. Finding a comfy, cute travel outfit shouldn’t be a problem.


4. A versatile jacket

Jackets can take up a lot of space in our suitcases, which is why it’s best to take as few as possible. A smart denim jacket or military jacket is a great everyday jacket to wear on the road, which can easily be paired with pants, skirts, dresses, shorts, etc. If you’re traveling in more formal cities a smart rain coat or pea coat might do the trick.


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5. A smart black dress

A nicely tailored black or dark grey dress is an important garment for any globetrotter. With just a few accessories and the right makeup, a versatile black dress can go from funky and hip to sleek and elegant. That way you can go from running around the city to dining out at a fine rooftop restaurant with just a quick swipe of red lipstick and a shoe swap.


6. Pants that go with everything

A reliable pair of brown, green or denim pants are essential to a travel wardrobe. They go with just about anything and also won’t show dirt or grime easily if you’ve maybe had to wear them a few days in a row.


7. A good pair of tennis shoes

For running, hiking and exploring, a reliable pair of tennis shoes is an absolute must. If you want to keep them clean and pretty, give them a scrub with soap and an old toothbrush every few days.


8. A glorious sundress

If you’re traveling in the summertime, a long, beautiful sundress is a great choice if you want to look chic, stay cool and feel comfortable. Just make sure the skirt of your dress isn’t too long. You don’t want it getting caught in any metro doors or escalators while you’re running around a new city.


9. Flannel

Flannel is cute, stylish, comfortable – and it even looks good wrinkled. A flannel shirt is essential during an international adventure. Layer it on top of a grey dress, throw it on with a pair of shorts or tie it over your waist for later when you’re going out in the day but know the weather will cool off later.


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10. A neutral romper

The wonderful thing about rompers is that they look just as elegant as a dress, but allow for more mobility. While you’re touring a new city you won’t feel held back to move around and explore, especially on a breezy day. A formal blazer can also be a comfortable work outfit, if the shorts are long enough to be professional.



Now you know how to travel abroad in style, apply today to boost your career abroad.


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