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The ultimate 30 before 30 bucket list

“The only real battle in life is between hanging on and letting go.” ― Shannon L. Alder


Wondering how to make the most of your free time in your 20’s? Here’s our ultimate bucket list of things you should do before you turn 30.


1. Learn a Latin dance.

2. Backpack through Asia.


ultimate bucket list


3. Swim alongside dolphins.

4. Spend a summer working abroad.

5. Form your own international squad.


ultimate bucket list


6. Travel somewhere completely on your own.

7. Count your blessings. (Literally. Count them all).

8. Test drive another career path.


ultimate bucket list


9. Specialize in a type of cuisine.

10. Try something again that you didn’t really like as a kid.

11. Introduce yourself to a complete stranger.

12. Take an internship abroad.


ultimate bucket list


13. Choose the road less traveled by every once in a while.

14. Pick up a new language.

15. Learn an obscure sport.

16. Try a completely new cuisine.


ultimate bucket list


17. Interview your grandparents.

18. Learn about a country you didn’t know existed.

19. Instead of doing a tour, take the bus all around a new city.


ultimate bucket list


20. Spend a day people watching in a coffee shop. Take notes.

21. Become an expert in something that has nothing to do with work.

22. Ride an exotic animal.


ultimate bucket list


23. Laugh. Snort. Cackle. Don’t hold back.

24. Move somewhere completely new.

25. Master some Latin American slang.

26. Organize a day trip for you and your friends.


ultimate bucket list


27. Become an expert in another part of the world.

28. Shop at an exotic food market. Cook something new.

29. Travel to a new, foreign land.

30. Pick up surfing.


Start ticking things off the ultimate bucket list and apply now for an international internship!




Photo 1. based on dots dancing alone on a busy pattern, by Matt McDaniel, CC-by-ND 2.0

Photo 2. based on Hong Village / 宏村, by Luo Shaoyang, CC-by-2.0

Photo 3. based on Cooking, by Leo Hidalgo, CC-by-2.0

Photo 4. by The Intern Group

Photo 5. by The Intern Group

Photo 6. based on Livanskaya Kuhnya, by Grigory Gusev, CC-by-ND 2.0

Photo 7. based on Coffee Shop, Cardiff, by gordonplant, CC-by-2.0

Photo 8. based on Elephant ride, by AHLN, CC-by-2.0

Photo 9. based on Colourful streetview at night (Hong Kong 2011), by Paul Arps, CC-by-2.0

Photos and blog by Elizabeth Trovall

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