7 ways to improve interpersonal skills

When you’re gaining experience in a new country and culture, there are endless ways to improve interpersonal skills. As an international intern, you’ll grow personally and professionally. This growth is critical for developing the communication skills and the emotional intelligence necessary to succeed in a global business environment. Here are 7 ways interning abroad will improve your interpersonal skills.

1. Learn to overcome language barriers

Learning a foreign language is one of the best ways to improve interpersonal skills. However, as an intern abroad you might not have the time to become fluent in a new language. Despite this, collaborating with people who speak different languages is a great exercise in communication. Overcoming language barriers in the workplace is a trait of being a successful global professional.

2. Get accustomed to workplace etiquette

As a student, you’ll develop a wide variety of essential skills and knowledge. However, nothing can beat hands-on experience in your future career field. By learning the appropriate etiquette in both your home country and abroad, you are setting yourself up for a successful job hunt in the future.

ways to improve interpersonal skills

3. Develop an international network

There is nothing more important than making contacts with people in your industry. Expanding your connections internationally will not only improve your interpersonal skills, but will benefit you immensely when you’re looking for a job later. Developing contacts abroad can teach you to adapt your communication style, evolving it to become cross-cultural.

4. Gain a new perspective

One of the best ways to improve your interpersonal skills is by learning about someone else’s perspective. Interning abroad could provide you with a new perspective on your career, industry, and the world. Professionals with a global perspective are highly valued in today’s marketplace. Although it is easy to get set in your own way of thinking, try taking a step back to see things from a different perspective.

5. Work on a team

The ability to work with others is an essential skill in nearly every industry. As an international intern, there are many ways to improve your interpersonal skills within a team. This is the perfect setting to develop teamwork abilities. Not only will you acquire the skills necessary to be an effective team member, but you’ll also have that experience on a cross-cultural level.

 ways to improve interpersonal skills

6. Develop an open mindset

For those who wish to pursue an international career, an open, flexible mindset is essential. The more adaptable, curious and open you are, the more success you’ll find abroad. As a global professional, your ideas and viewpoints will be challenged. Open yourself up to other ways of thinking, and allow your own ideas to change. An open mindset is one of the most valuable things you can develop through an internship abroad.

7. Get to know a new business culture

When interning or working abroad, recognizing cultural differences is key to good communication. In many parts of the world, the business culture will be quite different than what you’re used to at home. The ability to navigate these differences will make you an important part of any international organization.

Going abroad is one of the best ways to improve interpersonal skills. Apply now for an international internship and start your adventure!



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