The Value of an International Internship

The world is rapidly becoming more globalized, open and competitive.

The job market has become international - the young US student now competes against youngsters from Shanghai, Rio and Mumbai. Emerging markets youngsters are often bi or trilingual, highly enthusiastic and exceptionally diligent. They tend to possess outstanding maths skills. You can almost feel the middle class in developed nations trembling at the thought of exposure to this high level of hungry international competition.

But shying away is not the solution. Competition must be embraced.

Throughout history nations have risen, grown complacent and declined. Competition is the elixir that has driven innovation and progression since the beginning of time. Wherever you were born, you must embrace the fact of today - internationalism.

How can I internationalize myself?

An international internship program ticks all the boxes.

Professionally, you learn how to adjust to a different work culture and routine. You might well have to adapt to a different language. You will learn all the skills you would learn in a domestic internship, while simultaneously being thrust outside of your comfort zone. Thrown in the deep end is when you will thrive. For learning by doing almost always holds the most value.

Personally, you become part of a high-calibre, forward looking community of international interns. Our international interns come from all corners of the world, and from every academic discipline. The one thing they uniformly have in common is regularly impressing us in our Admissions interviews. From Harvard Business School alumni wanting to experience work & life in LATAM to the winner of the national Chinese Youth Math competition, we are proud to count an enormous range of talented individuals as alumni of our international internship program.

The long and short of it is this: you will meet fascinating peers from all over the world; peers who become life-long friends. You will immediately develop an international network which will greatly serve you into the future business-wise as well.



Our international community on our Latin American Emerging Markets Program this week


A statement of intent

By going overseas on an international internship, you are making a statement of intent. In a world ever more open and congested, standing out and getting your message out is ever more difficult. An international internship brands you at the most important stage of your career and professional life. It marks you out as a future leader in the globalized world. You thus brand yourself powerfully.

The Intern Group has been built on foundations of adventure, ambition, internationalism and curiosity. We welcome applications from those who wish to challenge themselves. We take those we accept to the next level professionally, while also providing them with most likely one of the most enriching times of their lives on a personal level.

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