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What can I do with a History degree?

If you’re a History major applying for internships or jobs, you’re probably asking yourself,  “What can I do with a History degree?”

Fortunately for you, there are a broad range of careers well suited for History majors. Landing the perfect job means finding a role where you can utilize your research and critical thinking skills.

Here are some top fields for History majors:


To answer the question, “what can I do with a History degree?” it is sometimes best to look at the more obvious answers. If you’ve always loved sharing history with others, the best career for you might be in a museum or a library. Archiving and curating exhibitions will allow you to use your research abilities and organizational skills. You’ll spend your days making history more accessible, and pursuing your passion.


International Intelligence

Your history degree probably focused on a specific region of the world. Put your specialty to work for a government agency or international organization. As an Intelligence Specialist you will be conducting research, providing insight and developing intelligence assessments. Start with an internship in either Government and Politics, NGOs and Nonprofits or Public Relations.



Because of the intensity of a History degree, you are well prepared to pursue a career in law. You’ve spent your undergrad writing essays, analyzing documents and formulating arguments. Take those critical thinking and analysis skills and head to Law school, or look for a role in the legal sector. Start out with a legal internship in either an NGO or Nonprofit, or in Law.



Many young professionals answer the question, “what can I do with a History degree?” by turning to the world of media. With a History degree under your belt, you are in a good position to help others understand both current and past events. Take your History degree into the field of journalism, working as a reporter or a documentarian.

Policy Analysis

If you’re wondering what to do with your History degree, you might not need to look further than your top-notch research skills. The primary role of a policy analyst is to conduct research on societies. This is something very familiar to History majors, and you’ll therefore thrive in a career like this. You’ll gather data, analyze societal issues and trends, and propose solutions. Pursue a career in a think tank, a non-profit or even in the private sector. Start out strong with an internship in either Consulting or NGOs and Nonprofits to improve your skills and strengthen your resume.

Languages and Translation

Many History majors learn a second language to gain a better understanding of the societies you’re studying. Being bilingual is a highly sought after skill. If you are bilingual with a love of foreign cultures and societies, consider working as a translator or language specialist. Start out with an internship in either Languages and Translation or NGOs and nonprofits to put your language skills to use.



Now that you know what to do with your History degree, kickstart your career with a global internship. Apply now and boost your career!



Photo 1.based on 1800s Library, by Barta IV, CC-by-2.0

Photo 2. based on ITC Discovery by Rowan Farrell, CC-by-2.0

Photo 3. based on CineMoco Motorized Camera Dolly & Track, by Cinetics, CC-by-2.0

Blog by Maeve Allsup

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