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What can I do with a journalism degree?

If you’re asking yourself, “what can I do with a journalism degree?”, look no further. In the last decade, the field of journalism has gone under major changes with the rise of digital media. Digital journalism roles have slowly replaced newspaper and TV jobs because people prefer online news sources. Today, the media looks much different, offering many jobs. Below are just a few things you can do with a journalism major.


Multimedia Journalist

While the way we consume media evolves, it is important to hire journalists who can use publishing software, shoot videos, record interviews, Tweet, write and take pictures. Though multimedia journalists must work hard, they are key to keeping journalism in the 21st century.


Public Relations Specialist

If you’re interested in influencing public opinion through media, working in public relations is right for you. Many public relations professionals study journalism or communications. Understanding how the media works to benefit your client is key to a successful public relations specialist.


a journalist taking notes outdoors



Similarly, marketing uses skills taught in journalism to make money for your clients. Marketers know how to tell compelling stories about services and products, to make people want to spend money. Within marketing, there are many kinds of careers, like brand management, advertising and market research.


Social Media/Community Engagement Manager

If you know social media, stop asking yourself, “what can I do with a journalism degree?” All different kinds of media outlets and businesses, as well as non-profits and more are looking for people who can use social media and engage with online communities. A social media manager needs to have all the communication skills of a journalist to interact with people. A good social media manager knows how to start a healthy discussion and truly engage people with their organization through Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram.


Radio Producer

Though radio is long past its golden age, it still remains a favorite way for commuters to get their news. Beyond that, podcasting is huge and audio geeks are loving it. Plus, public radio has the benefit of being community-supported. Even though broadcast journalism has seen many cuts because of new media, support for public radio has remained steady.


Professional Blogger

Blogging can be so much more than a pastime – it can also be a career. There are thousands of blogging jobs, covering a wide range of subject areas. If you love writing about celebrities, cars, being a vegan mom or anything, really, there’s a  job out there. One of the perks of blogging is that you can usually do it from anywhere in the world, with the added benefit of no commuting.


journalist sat at a desk on their laptop


TV Reporter

Broadcast journalists have the burden and gift of telling the news while also looking great. If you like visual storytelling, theater and news, television is a great place to bring real-life drama and fact-checking to wider audiences.


Magazine Editor

Many writers work their way up to being editors. It is a prized position, knowing that you get to make the final decision on what readers will see. If you’re careful, a die-hard storyteller and an expert at grammar, a job as an editor might be right for you.


Other jobs:

Technical writer
Business reporter
Novelist/creative writer
Podcast producer


Now that you know what you can do with your journalism degree, apply for a global internship in your chosen field to boost your career.






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Blog by Maeve Allsup

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