7 ways millennials bomb their job interview

A job interview is easily the most nerve-wracking aspect of finding a job. Having to answer questions on the spot can be terrifying. Learn what not to do in an interview and make sure to avoid these classic mistakes in your next one.


7 ways millennials bomb their job interview

1. Showing up without research

If you haven’t properly researched a job position and company before an interview, the hiring manager will be able to tell. Obviously, you won’t be able to be an expert in this potential position until you start. However, it’s still important to have a clear idea of the role and what will be expected of you. That’s how you’ll be able to prove yourself as up to the challenge or not. If you know anyone who works at the firm where you’re interviewing or at least works in the same industry or market, try to reach out to learn as many details about the company as possible.


2. Arriving late

There’s no good excuse for showing up late to a job interview. It’s disrespectful and can easily be avoided by merely leaving the house earlier. This is the first impression you’re making on a potential employer. It’s highly important to show that you’re responsible enough to show up to the interview on time. If you don’t, the hiring manager will question if you’re responsible enough for the position and if you genuinely want the job to begin with.


3. Shying away from eye contact

Eye contact is one of the most important ways we establish connections with others and build up trust. If you’re looking down or around the room as you answer questions, it will alienate the interviewer and potentially tarnish their opinion of you. It’s important to engage with the interviewer. It’s not that you have to keep your eyes glued to them, but that you’re able to speak to them in a direct, polite and professional way that communicates honesty and trust.


what not to do in an interview


4. Too much or too little enthusiasm for the position

When you don’t have much office experience, keeping your tone professional in a job interview can be difficult, because you just don’t have as much experience speaking as a professional. For example, sounding overly gushy or effusive about a job opportunity can easily undermine your professionalism. Interviewers are more interested in your qualifications and what you’ll bring to the table. Keep that unbridled excitement for your friends and family when you finally get the job. At the same time, you do want to make sure to calmly and professionally communicate your interest in a position and how you think it would be a good fit. If you come off as too casual or blasé, the hiring manager might think you don’t show enough interest.


5. Never asking any questions

Always come to a job interview with a list of questions. If you’re not very curious about the the firm, and what you’ll be expected to do, the hiring manager might think that you’re not very interested in the job at all. Asking questions expresses genuine interest on your side.


6. Not being able to express your qualifications

Your resume can’t do all the work for you. It’s important to be able to expand on how your different work and education experiences have prepared you specifically for this job opportunity. Prepare anecdotes beforehand that show your work ethic, how you’ve overcome challenges and how you’ve successfully accomplished work tasks in the past that would be demanded of you in this new opportunity.


what not to do in an interview


7. Showing up poorly groomed

Wrinkled shirts, messy hair or smelly armpits are enough to tank your chances of a job. Appearance matters in the professional world. If you look professional, capable and trustworthy, a hiring manager will be more receptive to what you have to say and listening to what you have to say about your qualifications. Showing up too disheveled plants doubt in the interviewer’s mind. If this person can’t dress professionally now, how will they show up to work?



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