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7 things to pack for your internship in Spain

So it’s time for you to prepare for your internship and figure out what to pack for Spain! Deciding how to fit everything in your suitcase for both professional and casual settings can be stressful. You want to look sharp at your internship, but also want comfortable clothes for weekend travel adventures. On top of all that, you also wonder what hygienic products you should bring with you from home.

This guide should help you get started. If you get to Spain and realize you have forgotten something, there are plenty of shops where you can buy anything else you might need.

1. Clothing and footwear

When it comes to what to pack for Spain, make sure to pack your clothing in your suitcase first, as this takes up the most room. You will see a variety of styles in Spain, and the key is for you to wear what you feel comfortable in. Generally, Spanish people like to dress well and make an effort. This is especially true in the workplace, so make sure that you are prepared and pack the right clothes based on the weather for the time that you’ll be there. Definitely make sure to pack the following:

  • Comfortable shoes: There’s plenty to see and the city is easy to get around on foot, if you have comfortable shoes.
  • Smart shoes: These will be useful for work wear but also for going out in the evening.
  • Layers: Depending on the time of year, you will also need a coat. Spain has very hot summers and cold winters. Check the weather forecast before you leave home.
  • Work appropriate attire:  When in doubt, it is always better to dress slightly more formally. To save space in your bag, bring clothing that mix and match well.
  • Casual clothes: Don’t forget to pack some jeans and t-shirts for your time outside of the office.
  • Backpack: Interns love to travel on the weekends. Therefore, it is useful to bring a smaller backpack that you can travel around with.

what to pack for Spain

2. Apartment goods

The Intern Group’s accommodation includes your own private room in a shared apartment. Though your room will include bedding, towels, and some common kitchen appliances, you might be wondering about what to pack for Spain to make your apartment feel like home. We recommend packing the following:

  • Electric appliances you use regularly: This includes hair dryers and straighteners, for instance.
  • Your favorite food from home: Spain has a fantastic cuisine, but if you have a favorite snack from your country (and space in your suitcase), think about bringing some to Spain.
  • Plug adaptor: The Spanish system is compatible with most European plug sockets – but if you are coming from further, make sure to bring an adaptor.

3. Medicines and hygiene items

There are plenty of pharmacies here, but if you have any prescription medicines, don’t forget to bring enough to last you your entire stay. Some specific medicines and hygiene products to bring include:

  • Prescriptions and birth control: If you’re taking medicine daily, make sure to bring enough with you to Spain before you start your internship.
  • Feminine products: Though feminine products are easily found here in any grocery or drug store, they may be different from the ones you’re used to back home.
  • Hygiene items: You might want to bring your favorite shampoos, lotions, and makeup from home, as you might not be able to find the same products in Spain.

4. Technology

From being able to communicate with people back home, to being able to update “the Gram” weekly, technology is obviously something you don’t want to be without. Here are things to remember to pack:

  • Cell phone: If you can unblock your phone then you can buy a SIM card in Spain for about 20 Euros. You can pay per minute or per GB and know how much you are spending. Whatever you do, don’t buy a SIM card at the airport because they are overpriced.
  • Laptop: In some instances you may be asked to use your own computer at your internship. You will be notified about this via email if this is the case.
  • Camera: Whether it’s your phone, a point-and-shoot or a fancy DSLR for photography lovers, don’t forget to pack it.
  • Chargers: These include chargers for your cell phone, laptop and battery chargers for your camera.

5. Money

Before coming to Spain, make sure to call your bank to notify them of your travels. We recommend packing the following:

  • At least two bank cards:  When traveling abroad, it’s always smart to pack two cards with you in case one gets lost or stolen. To be on the safe side, it’s good to have these cards stored in two separate places.
  • Cash: Before arrival, it’s good to exchange some money into euros at your bank so that you have some cash when you arrive. We recommend not changing currency in airports, as they have bad exchange rates.

what to pack for Spain

6. Forms of Identification 

In Spain you should carry identification on you at all times. Not only will you need it to enter the country, but you’ll also need it when going to museums, bars, and other sorts of outings. Forms of identification that you should pack include the following:

  • Passport: In order to enter Spain, you’ll need to show your passport and visa (if necessary) at Customs. Once you settle into your apartment, keep your passport in a safe place.
  • Driver’s license: Though this isn’t necessary, it may be an easier form of identification to carry around with you along with a copy of your passport.
  • Student ID:  If you have student ID then you can receive many discounts for students.

7. Miscellaneous 

Now that all of the important things are packed, you might be wondering what to pack for Spain that will make you feel more comfortable abroad. Don’t forget to pack the following:

  • Books: Whether you like physical books or digital ones, a good way to unwind after a day at your internship is by reading.
  • Things needed to do your favorite hobbies: From drawing to playing a sport, don’t forget to bring anything necessary to do those things in Spain.

Now that you know what to pack for Spain, apply now for an international internship in Madrid or Barcelona.



  1. based on Barcelona, by Thomas Gartz, CC-by-2.0
  2. based on Suitcases, by Ozzy Delaney,  CC-by-2.0
  3. based on 2411/Amigas en Madrid, by LARS77722, CC BY-SA 2.0
Photos and blog by Danielle Ortiz-Geis

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