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Why I Used An Internship Provider

How to intern abroad


I find myself to be independent but when it came to interning abroad, I knew I couldn’t do it alone. Here are the top reasons why I used an internship provider!


1. Security.

After choosing The Intern Group, I knew that I would feel secure during my 10 weeks in London. I was not responsible for finding my own housing or internship. Instead, a member of the London team matched me with a great internship and safe housing. I could contact The Intern Group easily throughout the whole process if I had any concerns.

I can’t imagine having to find a low-cost, reliable and safe place to live in London. Not to mention, I would’ve had to find something before ever stepping foot in the city or country. Finding an internship at a company abroad (without an internship provider) would be a struggle. With Skype interviews and emailing, you wouldn’t know what you were getting yourself into (or if it was even real). The Intern Group takes care of that for you. They match your profile with a company that suits your professional development needs and interests.


2. Guidance.

This was one of that main reasons that I chose to use an internship provider. There were so many things I had questions about. The Intern Group was always so quick to return my emails. Before interning abroad, you have to think about insurance, visas, budgeting and more. I had never dealt with some of these things before (like getting my visa). Since The Intern Group has helped tons of students like myself, they knew exactly how to help me get my visa in time for my internship.


3. Comfort.

When I left Chicago for London, I knew I wouldn’t see anyone I knew in 10 weeks. Just knowing that you have an awesome group of people in London from The Intern Group makes it feel better. The Intern Group picks you up at the airport as soon as you arrive so that you don’t have to worry or figure out your own transport in a brand new city. These little details comforted me leading up to my departure.


how to intern abroad


4. Authenticity.

You can read travel books but you won’t truly be able to do as the Londoners do without the help of the locals. The Intern Group staff brought us to different restaurants and organised events that I probably would never have chosen. There were always events on both week nights and weekends to meet up with other interns and The Intern Group staff. I am so grateful for their suggestions because I got to see London, not as a tourist, but truly as a Londoner!


5. Access to networks.

There are so many networking opportunities that The Intern Group provides. One networking opportunity is the weekly meet-ups where you can hangout and get to know other interns from all over the world. You never know when you will be in their city and need a professional contact. Another way is through the professional development workshops available to you as an intern with The Intern Group. You spend a day learning how to be a better speaker, communicator and professional. It was very inspiring and helpful to attend the professional development sessions, especially as a public relations major!


how to intern abroad


Photo 1. based on London Skyline by DNCNH, CC-by-2.0.

Photo 2. based on International arrivals by James Cridland, CC-by-2.0.

Photo 3. based on The Intern Group.

Photos and blog by Emma Lavengood

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