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Working for The Intern Group: Inspired by Internships

You never know where an internship abroad will lead you to. These top TIG interns loved the program so much, they are now working for The Intern Group after their internship. Learn about their stories and the job opportunities available within the company. You could be the next TIG all star!


What about your internship experience made you want to work with The Intern Group?

“I wanted to work with The Intern Group because I genuinely found my own experience with the team in London seamless. Everything from my airport transfer to my Oyster card and accommodation was pre-arranged. Knowing that Natalie and the team could answer any questions that I had at any time put me at ease. I wanted to create that experience for others and hopefully help them to further their careers or provide a launchpad to a dream job. I also know that for a lot of participants, this trip is an expensive and big leap of faith, so I hope that my own experience can help others feel more at ease.” -Phillipa Rust, Australia Placement Coordinator


“I decided to apply for a position at The Intern Group because I felt fully supported and welcomed when I was an intern. Thanks to their help and assistance, I fell in love with Colombia and I wanted to be a part of that process. I wanted to show everyone how amazing this country is. I believed in the mission of the company from the beginning: this internship taught me to be culturally sensitive and open minded. I wanted to help others begin the process of self discovery that comes with living abroad.” -Erika Londoño, Colombia Placement Coordinator


working for The Intern Group


“I loved the idea of the company. After researching internships in Latin America and finding a hard time to find employment opportunities, I finally came across Intern Latin America (what is now, along with the other local teams, collectively known as TIG) and applied. I then watched several YouTube videos about TIG, especially the BBC “Millennials” specials on David Lloyd (Managing Director). I was immediately intrigued by his personal story and his decision to quit his lucrative Banking job to start his own company. After scheduling my first Skype interview with TIG, David was actually the first person to interview me. It was like talking to a celebrity! After a typical round of interview questions, I asked him about The Intern Group and his desire to start his own business. He told me about his humble beginnings, his vision for the future of his company, and his passions for travel and entrepreneurship. At the end of the interview, I was hooked! (More so about TIG than the actual prospect of a guaranteed internship). I knew someday I wanted to work for a company like this… and 3 years later here I am!” -Brian Limbo, New York Experience Coordinator


working for The Intern Group


What do you like the most about working with The Intern Group?

“What I like the most about working at The Intern Group is that we have a global and friendly working policy. If I want to improve the Colombia program, I know that I can reach out to any of my colleagues in the offices around the world to have a brainstorm. The TIG team is always willing to help you in any way that they can. I feel like I’m part of a big family that wants everyone to be great at what they do.” -Erika


“The one thing I love most about working for TIG is interacting with all the interns! I love hearing about their personal stories, academic interests, and ambitions for their careers. They all come from such diverse backgrounds! I can’t help but develop a deeper appreciation for the international community.” -Brian


working for The Intern Group


“I love being able to help people find an exciting and engaging internship. I love seeing the expressions on the faces of new interns as they experience Melbourne and Australia for the first time. I love the satisfaction of a flexible role, an interesting job that is ever changing, and a boss that helps me push myself. I often joke that if I could be a student forever I would. This job is a constant learning experience and I love that.” -Phillipa


The Intern Group is hiring!

The Intern Group is looking for a London Community Manager to ensure that each program participant enjoys a fruitful, welcoming and memorable stay in London. For more information about the position, click here.



Photos and blog by Elizabeth Trovall

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