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12 reasons to intern with TIG according to our very own alumni

So we like to talk a big talk about our program. But only because we’ve heard back from our interns and we know it’s the perfect opportunity for a career-boosting international adventure. Why intern abroad with TIG? Don’t take our word for it – check out what these previous interns had to say about what an internship with The Intern Group has to offer.


1. You’ll make friends from all over the world

“The people I lived with, worked with and met through this program were the reason my time with Intern London was so incredible. I have made life long friends and memories that I will not forget. Having lived and worked in London I feel that I have advanced socially and professionally to face situations easier than most would have to adapt to. While The Intern Group does provide a support structure you as a participant have the opportunity to be free in how you want to experience London.” -Gunthar (London)


2. Workplace foreign language experience

“A highlight of my experience in Medellín was working in Spanish in an office setting, which is something I had never done before. Previous to arriving I had studied in Spanish and spoke fairly well but I found myself needing to further my communication skills in a work setting.” -Danielle (Colombia)


why intern abroad


3. It’s an opportunity to kick-start a career abroad

“Melbourne is an amazing city to do an internship in. It’s really easy to get around in and to get set up. I did a six week internship but I have stayed on to work for a year. I highly recommend if anyone has the opportunity to stay on and work to do it, as you only get a working visa once, make the most of it.” -Alice (Australia)


4. You’ll feel welcome in a foreign country

“Interning in Colombia with The Intern Group was one of the best/crazy decision I have made in years now. Although I had some discouragement from several people not to go, plus the financial responsibility, it was worth every penny. They took care of my visa application, accommodation, and job search. With The Intern Group, it felt like I was a king coming home after few years away. The work experience at Cryogas was exceptionally rewarding. I enjoyed being in an industrial/business environment while adapting to the culture and language challenge.The experience not only helped me develop professionally but also increased my networks and cultural awareness. Massive thanks to The Intern Group for creating this opportunity for me as well as a lot of other students.” -Chukwuka (Colombia)


5. You’ll learn how to live outside your comfort zone

“The overall experience was one that can only really be understood by going on the internship and experiencing it for yourself. Being on the other side of the world, in a foreign country where I neither spoke nor understood Spanish, it challenged me in ways I never thought was possible and definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone. I learnt how to trust my instincts and realized just how friendly Madrileños were.” -Malissa (Madrid)


6. Career-changing job references

“I really enjoyed the amazing internship they helped me secure and I was given a detailed reference from my boss once I left which I believe will greatly help with future job applications.” -Harriet (Hong Kong)


7. Amazing internship destination cities like Melbourne, Madrid, New York City, London, Medellín and Hong Kong

“In terms of living in Melbourne, there is a reason why it’s regularly been voted the world’s most liveable city lately. CBD is packed with lots of things to do and see (I was in there everyday). There’s tons of places to go for food and socialise and I enjoyed the buzz in comparison to the big suburbs which were a lot quieter. Trains and trams are regular, so it’s easy to get about in the city (I often preferred walking) and getting to and from both the accommodation and work was very easy.” -Andrew (Australia)


8. You’ll learn what it’s really like to work in the field of your choice

“During my internship I was given creative freedom and the ability to use my interior design skills. I was amazed I was given such responsibility from the very beginning. I was able to get a real idea of how things work in the real world from day to day, both positive and negative issues that came up. I was able to observe meetings with clients and other designers, which gave me knowledgeable experience for my future in interiors.” -Krystal (London)


why intern abroad


9. You’ll learn how silly (and false) cultural stereotypes and assumptions can be, and develop a more nuanced and accurate perception of the world around you

“I still remember when I first posted on Facebook, telling my friends that I arrived in Medellin, many people messaged me to take care of myself, asked me if I feel insecure, or immediately told me that I was crazy. I slept through my entire flight, woke up when all Colombians were singing, cheering on the flight, the lady sat next to me smiled at me, said,” you must be confused honey, we are just the happiest people in the world!”– this was my first impression of Colombia!”

“…At this moment, the world needs to look at this happy land with a new perspective because I believe people in our generation should be more open minded in order to break all the wrong stereotypes from the past.” -Maxy (Colombia)


10. The perfect balance of work and play

“My internship placement could not have been more fun. Not only did the position fit my personality and professional interests, but my employers were incredibly helpful in recommending fun activities, places to eat, and trips to take around Spain. They truly understand that while you are there to work and gain working experience, this is also an opportunity for you to explore the culture and have fun! I found a great balance of work and play, which is exactly what I wanted.” -Kat (Madrid)


11. 24-hour support from our team

“The Intern HK took care of everything: visa, accommodation, networking events, so basically I was able to concentrate on work and exploring the city. Moreover, from my experience, I could say it actually makes a big difference when you have somebody local willing to help you 24 hours while living in a new country and facing a new culture.” -Anna (Hong Kong)


12. Relevant and challenging roles at an internship in your field of choice

“Highlights of my internship have been getting to actually sit in front office. A lot of roles you might get in England would place you in a really administrative role in back office. I’ve been able to see how the actual trading goes on and I think it’s put me in a lot better position with this experience.” -Anthony (Colombia)



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Photo 1. by The Intern Group

Photo 2. by The Intern Group

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Photos and blog by Elizabeth Trovall

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