Why You Should Use LinkedIn

As a university student or young professional, you’re focusing on networking, networking, and more networking. As the hiring process becomes more digital for many companies, social media platforms such as LinkedIn are becoming a vital part of finding a job. If you’re more of a Facebook or Instagram fan, you’re probably asking why you should use LinkedIn.

The platform has over 500 million users, and over 3 million active job postings. If you’re on the hunt for a job, or just looking to build up a network, LinkedIn is a good place to start!

why you should use LinkedIn

All young professionals should be actively networking and promoting themselves. Here are 4 reasons why you should use LinkedIn:

Maintain Connections

Many of your strongest professional connections will start offline. When you meet a fellow professional at a conference, networking event or even just on the train, follow through by connecting on LinkedIn. Send a note with your request, reminding them where and when you met, and include an anecdote from your conversation. Don’t wait too long to make the connection though, reach out before they’ve forgotten your details!

Build your professional brand

One of the most important reasons why you should use LinkedIn is to build and promote your personal brand. LinkedIn is the perfect platform to share your professional successes and build a portfolio of your work. It’s important to keep your profile professional and up-to-date. Make sure you have a clear headshot, and a complete description of your professional experiences, skills and goals. When you’re actively looking for jobs and internships, a strong LinkedIn profile is a sure way to improve your chances of getting hired. Potential employers and colleagues will likely view you on LinkedIn before making a final decision. And, even if you aren’t on the job hunt, a strong LinkedIn profile, using keywords that define you as a professional, will allow recruiters to find you online, and invite you to apply for positions.


why you should use LinkedIn

Expand your network

Using LinkedIn allows you to expand your professional network beyond just those people that you’ve met in person. The average CEO has nearly a thousand connections. Use the platform to find and follow your inspirations and influencers, and reach out! You’ll be able to see where your connections work and who they know, creating infinite possibilities for introductions!

Stay up to Date

Your LinkedIn feed will help keep you caught up on the latest technological advances and changes in the world’s most influential companies. If you’re following influencers and connections, you’ll be able to stay up to date on their latest ideas, successes and career moves. LinkedIn’s most followed members include Bill Gates, Justin Trudeau and Ariana Huffington. Each shares unique insights into their personal and professional success, providing the perfect learning opportunity for young professionals.


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