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Wondering about the best way to find a new job? Here are our top tips

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At some point in your professional career, you’ll inevitably find yourself looking for a new job. Of course, not every job hunt is the same. Casually looking for a new role is a very different experience than seeking your first job after college. It’s also very different from job hunting if you’ve been laid off, or are switching fields. However, each of these job-hunting scenarios comes with a certain level of uncertainty, and each is time-consuming. If you think you may be in the market for a new role soon, you’re probably wondering about the best way to find a new job.

The best approach to a job hunt might be different for each professional, and each field. That being said, there are a few tried and tested tips for simplifying your search. There are also a few new and more creative ideas!


Consider using these tips in your next job search:


1. Reach out to your network

Using your professional network is easily one of the best ways to find a new job. It can also be one of the simplest ways to get a new role. Start by reaching out to those closest to you in your circle. Let them know you’re looking for a job, and which fields you’re interested in. Ask for referrals or introductions. Ideally, some of your connections will be able to refer you to a specific job or company. High-value connections may even be hiring in your field! But even if your network can’t directly offer you a job, remember to seek out informational interviews, and any tips they can provide!


2. Revamp your personal brand

Giving your personal brand a once-over before starting your job hunt will ensure the process goes smoothly. For most young professionals, your personal brand exists almost entirely online. Revamping your brand probably involves updating your LinkedIn heading, description, and skills. Consider writing a short personal statement that encompasses your professional goals, your experience, and what makes you unique. You can then use that statement when revamping your personal website, and any other online profiles you might have. This virtual spring cleaning is essential, particularly if you’re hoping to switch industries or have a very specific role in mind. Updating descriptions of each of your previous roles will allow you to focus on the skills or experiences most relevant to your job search, while carefully crafting your personal headline will make it easier for recruiters and potential employers to find you.


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3. Put LinkedIn to work!

If you’re trying to find a new job, don’t discount the magic of LinkedIn. Once you’ve spruced up your LinkedIn profile, update your settings to let recruiters know you’re actively looking for new opportunities. You might even want to make a public post about what you’re looking for!  You’d be surprised how quickly those types of messages gain traction on the platform. LinkedIn is also great for doing cold outreach. Identify a few professionals working in your dream job or field, and ask them for their tips and advice. Informational interviews are always a good idea!


4. Find an internship

If finding your next full-time job doesn’t seem quite within reach, consider applying for an internship. Whether for a few weeks or a few months, an internship in your field is a great way to gain experience, and make the job search easier. Many companies give first dibs on entry level positions to former interns. Others want  you to have at least a bit of experience in the field before hiring you full-time. Internships are a particularly good idea if you’re making a mid-career industry shift, or if you’re lacking professional experience before applying to your first job.


5. Get creative

By now,  we’ve all seen the creative lengths people have gone to when trying to snag their dream job. The Instagram posts geared at the social media platform’s hiring team, Tik Tok application videos, or viral Tweets with Spotify-themed resumes. Not only are these creative outlets a fun experience, they might just get you noticed by the right people.


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