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World’s top cities for students

These incredible global cities are prime internship destinations for students around the world. If you’re interested in living abroad in one of the world’s top cities for students, look no further.


1. Barcelona

The enchanting  paradise of Barcelona charms students from all over the world. With its unique culture, gorgeous architecture and beautiful beaches, interns will understand Catalonian pride. During your stay in the region’s capital,  you cannot miss one of the local festivals. Complete with a dynamic nightlife, warm weather and a central location in Europe, Barcelona is one of the world’s top cities for students.


2. Melbourne

Australia’s booming university city of Melbourne is a highly ranked destination for students, while consistently making lists as one of the world’s most livable cities. Because of its sunny weather and lively city scene, Melbourne is also home to a large expat crowd. The city is also known for its long list of cultural activities, including live music and professional sports. Interns have many spots to visit, including stylish boutiques, hipster bars and an enviable cafe culture.


3. Chicago

Whether it is the state of the art sports or the best museums in the United States, the city of Chicago contains all the good things about the Midwest. This great city is full of warm, spirited people. Furthermore, it’s also home to a diverse range of companies to gain international experience with.


World's top cities for students


4. Medellín

It’s hard to decide what’s more beautiful – Colombia’s people or its diverse landscapes. With snow-capped volcanoes, rocky deserts, endless plains, lush valleys, coffee plantations, alpine lakes, and gorgeous, tropical beaches, students will never be bored. In Medellín, students will get to know Colombian culture, thanks to friendly and welcoming locals. It is an ideal place for authentic cultural exchange. Also, let’s not forget the beloved Latin music scene of salsa and cumbia – music that is made to lift your spirits.


5. Dublin

You’re a lucky one if you get the chance to intern in Ireland’s capital. This UNESCO City of Literature isn’t only for book nerds. Interns have a thousand reasons to fall in love with Dublin, including its many green spaces – it has more than any other European city! The green city also boasts a rich art and culture scene, so there’s always a fun way to spend the evening in Dublin.


World's top cities for students


6. London

A top global city, London is full of attractions that you just won’t be able to see anywhere else. You can step back in time at places like the British History Museum or the Natural History Museum. Theater fans can adore the lively West End, which features some of the best live shows in the world. Moreover, London is a city of opportunity, full of excellent professionals from all over the world.


7. Madrid

Bohemian and youthful, Madrid is a lively city that truly never sleeps. Because of the small city center, interns can walk nearly everywhere and fall in love with the friendly locals. Whether picnicking in Retiro Park or exploring the world-famous Reina Sofia museum, there are many enchanting ways to spend a day in Madrid. The city also is one of the world’s top cities for students wanting to learn Spanish.


The world’s top cities for students are only an application away. Apply now and boost your career!




1. based on Barcelona, by Thomas Gartz, CC-by-2.0

2. based on The Bean, by Shelby L. Bell, CC-by-2.0

3. by The Intern Group

Photos and blog by Elizabeth Trovall

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