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We have created this page to answer any questions and address any concerns that you may have about sending your son or daughter abroad. Going to another country for an internship is a huge step for your child’s personal growth and professional development.

From the application process to their arrival, we will be with your child every step of the way. We annually send over 2,000 participants to complete internships all over the world, thus have extensive experience in making sure that they are safe while having the time of their life.


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As a leader in international education and professional development programs, we place over 2,000 participants in internships abroad each year with an average program rating of 9.2 out of 10.

We place our participants in all career fields and have an impressive network of over 1000 multinational companies, NGOs and SMEs who collaborate with us on an ongoing basis.

Over the years, we have also established relationships with leading universities across the globe including National University of Singapore (The highest ranked university in Asia), University of New South Wales (A member of Australia’s elite “Group of 8” universities), Hong Kong University of Science & Technology (Hong Kong’s premier higher education institution), Universitta Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Italy (The largest private university in Europe) and more.

We have also been featured in the world’s top media such as TIME, The FT, CNN and Forbes.

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Career Benefits

In today’s competitive job market, students have to find ways to differentiate themselves from their peers. The career benefits of an international internship are essential for young people seeking to advance their professional futures.

After completing our international internship program, your child will have had international exposure in a globalized world and professional experience from a high-quality international internship. They will have simultaneously accumulated a high-value network of international business contacts, benefited from a personalized session with an Alumni Success Coach and have perfected skills in a second language (if applicable). Your child will have had an amazing life experience while gaining the skills necessary to make their resume stand out from the crowd.

Academic Credit

We work with universities worldwide to help your child receive academic credit if it is required for their studies. Our local teams have helped hundreds of students meet specific university requirements, thus are accustomed to managing the logistics. We will assist in providing your child with the resources necessary to monitor supervisor feedback, projects, travel experiences and research carried out to report back to the university for academic credit.

Post Program Network

Thousands of our alumni from all over the world have been invited to join our alumni network on Linkedin. This is a great way for our past participants to keep in touch and network amongst themselves.


When your son or daughter arrives at the airport, we will have one of our drivers waiting for them. Your child will be brought directly to their accommodation.

Health and Safety

Shortly after arrival, our in-country team will have an orientation and health and safety induction for all participants. Your child’s safety is our first priority, so we will make sure that they are well informed about what to do in an emergency and where to go. Our local staff are on call 24/7 for emergencies and are trained to provide high-quality assistance and care.

How to Contact Your Child

We will help your child to acquire a local cell phone upon arrival in order to stay in contact with our in-country team and their fellow interns, as well as to enable international communication in case they need to get in contact with family or friends quickly. If you are unable to contact your child, feel free to call our offices and speak with one of our in-country staff members, so that we can touch base with your child on the ground.

Program Fees & Start Dates

See our program fees here.

If your child is accepted onto our program, they will need to confirm their spot with an initial deposit of 500 GBP within 7-14 days of their acceptance, depending on when they apply. Due to the limited places on the program, the deposit reserves their spot on the program and allows us to begin the placement process with our partnership companies and organizations. The deposit is also fully refundable if your child is not placed in their first or second-choice career field – giving them peace of mind that they will have a fantastic internship experience abroad. However, if your child withdraws from the program, the deposit will not be refunded.

Typically, another payment will be due 30 days after your child’s deposit. Complete payment details will be communicated by email, and also can be found on our fees page and in our Terms & Conditions.

In-Country Spending

Airport pickup and accommodation are already covered in the program fee. Some programs include public transportation, too. Your child will need to budget for food, drink and extracurricular activities, such as travel. Depending on the country to which your child goes, the cost of living differs. In-country spending will also depend on your child’s lifestyle choices.

Below are the recommended budgets per week per location:

London: £100-£200 (GBP)
New York: $200-$300 (USD)
Hong Kong: $1000-$2000 (HKD)
Madrid: €100-€200 (EURO)
Australia: $100-$200 (AUD)
Colombia: $100-$200 (USD)
Dublin: €100-€200 (EURO)
Shanghai: $100-$200 (USD)
Chicago: $100-$200 (USD)
Toronto: $200-$300 (CAD)
Tokyo: ¥15000-¥30000 (JPY)

What Is The Program Fee Going Towards?

The Intern Group’s international programs are more than just internships. We provide a comprehensive program focusing on cultural immersion as well as professional development. Here’s why we include each aspect in our program.

The idea started when our Managing Director, David Lloyd, experienced the difficulties of setting up an internship abroad first-hand. Determined to learn a second language and fulfill his love of traveling, he traveled to Argentina with no idea how hard the next few stages would be. Upon arrival, it quickly dawned on him that he was alone on the other side of the world, without a place to live and still looking for an internship. From there, the idea of The Intern Group was born.


Accommodation: 35-55 percent

Housing represents the largest part of our program fee. Depending on the destination and time of year, it ranges from around 35-55 percent of the total fee. Having your accommodation provided makes it that much easier to adjust to a new country and culture. You don’t need to deal with landlords, agencies, contracts, or insurance because we do this for you. From the second you get off the airplane and into our airport pickup service, you can get settled immediately. You can focus solely on your internship and on making new friends. You are provided with a private room in shared accommodation. We want every aspect of your experience to be comfortable and enjoyable.

Other components of the program: 15-20 percent

These include, amongst other elements, transport to and from the airport, trips, events and professional development tools. Our cultural and social trips are arranged for each program with the goal of bringing all of our interns together to fully discover and explore each diverse city. This is inspired by David’s experience in Argentina, where he struggled to meet people in a similar situation. Each destination has an amazing array of activities to enjoy. From a tour of Lantau Island in Hong Kong, a trip to World Heritage Site in Spain, or tickets to the famous West End theaters of London, we make sure that you see the city’s must-see sights.

Our programs equally focus on both your cultural immersion as well as your career development, which is why we include professional events, workshops and training materials. Our professional development events, like RADA in London, for example, are excellent and important program inclusions.

Professional services, internship placement and organization: 35-45 percent

We have amazing teams in each destination who will guide you through each stage of your internship program. We offer assistance in acquiring visas, work with you and potential placement companies to help secure your internship and run multiple events and activities each week. In addition, the teams in each of our destinations offer 24/7 emergency support. Each team is made up of locals and people who know their city extremely well. We, as a global team, understand all of the concerns and worries that come from moving to a different country, whether it’s culture shock, a language barrier or navigating your way around public transport. We work hard with organizations to place you in your preferred career fields and to ensure that you have a rewarding professional experience. We believe that having great teams in each of our destinations is essential to ensure that you have a worthwhile experience abroad. We want you to enjoy our cities as much as we do!

Technology: 5-10 percent

We invest in the latest technology in order to communicate with our multi-national offices and to create a smooth interview process for all of our applicants from around the globe. We also invest in our marketing department so that we can reach more people around the world and inform them about our services.

Payments & Financing

Are these internships paid?
How much does the program cost?
When do we need to pay?
What is included in every program?
What’s not included in the program fee?
What is the refund/cancellation policy?

Application Process

What is the application process like?
When is the deadline to apply?
How and when do we make our decisions?
Can we speak to the local teams before my child is accepted and confirmed in the program?
My child has been accepted onto the program – When is the deadline to confirm their place?
What happens after the program?


When should we book flights?
What type of visa does my child need?
Does my child need insurance?

Dear Johanna,

WOW what an amazing time Will is having in Colombia. As his internship has just finished Andy and I wanted to say a huge thank you to you and your team for everything.

This has been an amazing experience for Will, not only having to go to a foreign country where he doesn’t speak the language and knows no one but having to cope with learning Spanish, meeting and interacting with people from all over the world and working a regular job at the same time! WOW Where on earth would he ever get the chance to have the same experiences!

Will was so extremely lucky to have been given his internship with Pilot Digital. Not only did Will find the work fascinating but they were all so very friendly, supportive and wanted to give Will a superb experience. They also helped him so much with his Spanish and to introducing him to the Colombian culture, a real family for him.

When Will finished his first year at university he was unsure how he wanted to spend his summer but knew he wanted to get the most out of it. With the help of Real Gap and Latin America Internships he has certainly exceeded his aims beyond his wildest dreams…….THANK YOU ALL!

We would not hesitate in recommending you to anyone and I am sure that on his return Will is planning to upload his experience and recommendation to your website………THE BEST SUMMER EVER……and now he too is set up for life with added confidence, self esteem, an additional language which he will continue to study back in the UK and lifelong friends all over the world. As parents we could have asked for no more for our son.

We wish you well and hopefully will be contacting you again in the future as Will has 3 younger siblings !!!!!

With our sincere thanks and very best wishes.

Clare and Andy Tunningley

We chose The Intern Group because my son needed to do an internship abroad for the completion of his master. We came across the website of The Intern Group, and we found the offer of The Intern Group particularly interesting because it included the administrative procedures (such as the visa process) and accommodation. It was reassuring to me that when my child arrives to Hong Kong, everything was already all prepared and my son could focus on the preparation on his internship without being bothered by administrative paperwork or the search of an apartment.

My son told me that The Intern Group was always available and ready to help every time he had a request or a question. All the events organized during the 5 months allowed him to discover the wealth of the different cultures of HK and to share social moments with the other interns through sport and leisure activities. Thanks to The Intern Group, these 5 months turned out to be a great experience for my son.

I would definitely recommend Intern Hong Kong to others because this program allowed my child to live a unique social experience and to add to his resume an internship with a great company in Hong Kong, which is likely to be a strong asset for his future and professional career. In spite of the distance between France and Hong Kong, I was never worried because I knew that he had the assistance of The Intern Group if necessary.

Bénédicte Ruellan Du Crehu
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