Health and Safety


When your son or daughter arrives at the airport, we will have one of our drivers waiting for them. Your child will be brought directly to their accommodation.

Health and Safety

Shortly after arrival, our in-country team will have an orientation and health and safety induction for all participants. Your child’s safety is our first priority, so we will make sure that they are well informed about what to do in an emergency and where to go. Our local staff are on call 24/7 for emergencies and are trained to provide high-quality assistance and care.

How to Contact Your Child

We will help your child to acquire a local cell phone upon arrival in order to stay in contact with our in-country team and their fellow interns, as well as to enable international communication in case they need to get in contact with family or friends quickly. If you are unable to contact your child, feel free to call our offices and speak with one of our in-country staff members, so that we can touch base with your child on the ground.