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Watch this 5 minute video to learn about David & Ellen Smith's experience sending their daughter abroad

See what other parents have to say about the benefits their son or daughter gained from getting hands-on, immersive experience in their career field in a different country.

Other parent’s testimonials

Clare & Andy Tullingley

This has been an amazing experience for Will, not only having to go to a foreign country where he doesn’t speak the language and knows no one but having to cope with learning Spanish, meeting and interacting with people from all over the world and doing a regular internship at the same time! WOW Where on earth would he ever get the chance to have the same experiences!

Will was so extremely lucky to have been given his internship with Pilot Digital. Not only did Will find the work fascinating but they were all so very friendly, supportive and wanted to give Will a superb experience. They also helped him so much with his Spanish and to introducing him to the Colombian culture, a real family for him.

We would not hesitate in recommending you to anyone and I am sure that on his return Will is planning to upload his experience and recommendation to your website………THE BEST SUMMER EVER……and now he too is set up for life with added confidence, self esteem, an additional language which he will continue to study back in the UK and lifelong friends all over the world. As parents we could have asked for no more for our son.

Katherine Aertker

Andrew’s time in Madrid may have been the best thing he has ever done. The entire staff at SofiaSquare was absolutely wonderful– and they taught him so much! He was truly fortunate to have been in that office.

I want to add that I will be certain to pass Andrew’s story on to his former high school, as well as to the staff at his new university. The Intern Group provides a truly unique experience, and while some may not be ready for every piece of it, I think it is invaluable for those who are ready.

It has made an enormous difference in the way Andrew is approaching his studies, as well as how he views “real life work” for his future.

And I want to personally thank you for the way you handled his housing shift. It wasn’t an easy change to make, but you made it as comfortable as possible for Andrew. We have lived abroad twice as a family, and we know these things happen! So thank you for your constant communication and reassurances.