Program Benefits

Career Benefits

In today’s competitive job market, students have to find ways to differentiate themselves from their peers. The career benefits of an international internship are essential for young people seeking to advance their professional futures.

After completing our international internship program, your child will have had international exposure in a globalized world and professional experience from a high-quality international internship. They will have simultaneously accumulated a high-value network of international business contacts, benefited from a personalized session with an Alumni Success Coach and have perfected skills in a second language (if applicable). Your child will have had an amazing life experience while gaining the skills necessary to make their resume stand out from the crowd.

Academic Credit

We work with universities worldwide to help your child receive academic credit if it is required for their studies. Our local teams have helped hundreds of students meet specific university requirements, thus are accustomed to managing the logistics. We will assist in providing your child with the resources necessary to monitor supervisor feedback, projects, travel experiences and research carried out to report back to the university for academic credit.

Post Program Network

Thousands of our alumni from all over the world have been invited to join our alumni network on Linkedin. This is a great way for our past participants to keep in touch and network amongst themselves.